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Windwhistle Primary School

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Headteacher: Lyn Hunt BA(Ed) PGDip
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"Achievement by building confidence"

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Year 6 Into University 2020 (26 images)

In Term 1, Year 6 spent a week at Into University which is based at Hans Price Academy. We spent a week studying Evolution and Inheritance and learnt what university has to offer us in the future. We were all able to think about our future aspirations and on the final day, we graduated and were able to wear graduation gowns. A fabulous week was had by all.

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Starlight - Christmas Tree (2 images)

The children used 'tessellation' to make this Christmas tree. Each child is unique and together we can make great things.

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Year 3 - Skeletons (10 images)

We are looking at animals and their amazing bodies this term. We have looked at life cycles, basic needs for survival and balanced diets. Now we have moved on to thinking about our human skeleton. We had a challenge to make a skeleton and label the bones. We worked in groups of 3 and each of us had a job we needed to do! It was hard because as part of our job some of us weren’t allowed to talk and some of us weren’t allowed to move the bones!

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Starlight November 2020 (2 images)

Starlight have read a book called "Spookley" its about a square pumpkin. We talked about differences and Anti bullying. The children loved designing different pumpkins for our pumpkin patch. The film can be found on Netflix. We have also been doing alot of work around "Resilience" we have a good book called " After the fall" It is about how Humpty, got back up again.

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Year 5 - Remembrance (6 images)

In Year 5 we have been learning about the importance of Remembrance. We looked at some poetry from the First World War and imagined what it would be like to be a soldier on the front line. We wrote letters back home to our families and made poppies out of clay. We also had fun celebrating Children in Need day and we wore our Pudsey outfits to school. We are also learning how to work independently because this is an important life skill. We are working hard to improve our listening skills and also our presentation skills. In maths we have been using a range of resources to help us to learn and understand more about fractions

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Term 1 Preschool update (17 images)

The Bear Necessities has been our theme this term; and the children have been learning the bare necessities of life in Preschool. Our children have been exploring their new environment and developing relationships with the grown-ups who care for them at Pre-school. They have been learning routines and how to look after themselves; such as washing their hands – especially to ensure Covid-19 safety. We spent some time finding out about where they lived and the people in their families. We have been focussing on the books ‘Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?’ and ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. These stories have helped develop resilience and independence skills in the children, such as having a go, keeping on going and solving problems. Eddie the classroom teddy helps them think about their learning and what will help them to learn. For example, we learnt the ‘whoosh’ method of putting on their coat – where they had to keep on trying and not give up. They have certainly enjoyed trying out new experiences and developing new skills.

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Reception Term 1 - 2020 (8 images)

We have had a fantastic start to term 1 in Reception. The children have enjoyed exploring resources both inside and outside. We have been learning about what makes us special and the children enjoyed sharing their memory boxes and talking about some of their favourite things. The children are becoming super independent as they choose their own resources and explore the environment. We have listened to many traditional stories such as ‘The Little Red Hen’ and the ‘Enormous Turnip’. The characters in these stories help teach us about the importance of resilience and never giving up when things seem difficult! In Maths we have been exploring numbers 1-5 through Number block characters and reinforcing our learning, with hands on resources, to help our understanding. In phonics, we have played lots of listening games which will help us when we begin to learn to read and write.

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Settling back into school (43 images)

We have had a wonderful few weeks settling back into school. We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and having fun.

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Term 4 preschool website update (23 images)

We have had lots of fun this term continuing our learning with traditional tales! We made gingerbread men and our parents and carers came in to help us decorate them. We absolutely oved dressing up and acting out the story with our friends! We painted pictures of daffodils to make cards for the people who are special to us – whether that is our mum, dad , nanny or someone else who looks after us. We also made the most of opportunities inside and outside until our learning was interrupted by the Covd-10=9 situation. We made sure we had lots of play around hospitals and the NHS to help children understand the situation; as well as teaching them to wash their hands whilst singing 1,2,3,4,5; once I caught a fish alive. We can’t wait to see our children back in Pre-school as we really miss them!

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Preschool website update term 3 (37 images)

Since the last update, in Preschool we had a mince pie and hot chocolate morning – the children made the mince pies and then enjoyed sharing them with their parents. We also had a visit from Santa! This term we had a ‘big breakfast’ – parents and carers joined us for a bowl of porridge and some juice – in the afternoon we had a ‘big brunch’ with bagels and juice! We had been learning about the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and we had a special visitor! Mummy bear came to give all the children a book to keep forever! Despite the bad weather we have managed to get outside a lot – the children have been enjoying playing ‘teacher’. We have been checking out our garden and making signs to remind children (and cats) not to dig up our plants.

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Term 2 Preschool update (9 images)

Term 2 is full of exciting events and we enjoyed welcoming parents and carers to a Halloween themed stay and play day! The children enjoyed exploring pumpkins – feeling how heavy they are, hammering ‘nails’ into them, planting the seeds, comparing different types… so much to learn! We also created a huge artwork in response to bonfire night and learnt lots of new words to describe what we had seen, heard and smelt. We have been exploring some favourite stories and beginning to learn them really well so that we can retell them. We have also been getting very, very messy in our mud kitchen and exploring gloop!

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Term 1 Preschool update (15 images)

Our children have been exploring their new environment and developing relationships with the grown-ups who care for them at Pre-school. They have been learning routines and how to look after themselves; such as washing their hands. We spent some time finding out about where they lived and the people in their families. The children enjoyed recalling our home visits! It’s really great to get to know our new children and learn about their interests. We have found out we have some budding future musicians, artists and gymnasts so far! They have certainly enjoyed trying out new experiences and developing new skills.

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Egyptian Civilisation (4 images)

In Year 5 this term, we have been learning about the ancient Egyptian civilisation. We have found out that they were a gruesome bunch! We have learned about how the annual flooding river affected their lives and all about the gods they used to believe in. We had an amazing visitor who taught us how to write in hieroglyphs and how to count like an ancient Egyptian. We made clay scarab beetles and performed the mummification of a (nearly real) body. Did you know, they threw away the brain because they didn’t think we used it? A lot of what we know about the Egyptians today was thanks to Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. In class, we have also enjoyed making Egyptian jewellery and learning about all the other treasures that lay hidden in tombs for thousands of years waiting for archaeologists to come along and uncover.

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Year 2 - February 2020 (4 images)

Today we learnt about Sukkot and why it is important to Jewish people. We made a Sukkah model in groups.

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Drumming Workshop (5 images)

Reception class had an amazing drumming workshop this week. The children learned how to play many different Indian percussion instruments including the dhalak and tabla drums. They practiced Bollywood dancing and learned how to say hello in several different languages. Great learning reception children!

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Starlight Room - a letter from Santa! (1 images)

Lilly and Tia from Year 2 are very excited to have received a letter from Santa, delivered from the North Pole. "We have had fun making lots of Christmas decorations with plenty of glitter!!"

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Year 6 - World War 2 (28 images)

During Terms 1 and 2, Year 6 children have been learning about World War 2 from a child’s point of view. As part of our learning experience, we dressed as evacuees and visited the Blitz Tearooms in Weston Super Mare. We had crumpets with butter and jam and most of us chose milk flavoured with either banana, chocolate or strawberry. It was delicious! Once we had finished eating, we were able to look at all the World War 2 memorabilia. We especially liked the air raid shelter and listening to the air raid siren.

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October 2019 (18 images)

Our newest children are settling quickly into Preschool. It is important to encourage children to feel safe and secure with us and to develop friendships. We also encourage children to be kind and helpful towards each other. They are certainly enjoying exploring the opportunities on offer together! This term has flown by! Our theme of ‘Bear Necessities’ means that we have been exploring colour and mark-making. This means the children have also been learning some self-help skills, such as washing their hands after painting. We have really enjoyed making our own books, learning stories really well, listening to stories and retelling them together. We think reading is the most important skill children can have and especially to enjoy reading books. Music and rhythm play an important part in this so we have enjoyed lots of songs and music-making as well.

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Vikings - Year 5 (13 images)

This term in Year 5, we have been learning about the Vikings. We had a special Viking visitor, who showed us lots of artefacts and weapons that the Vikings used, and taught us some games they used to play. All of their games were part of their training to become strong, fearless warriors. We learnt how to work together as a defensive team using Viking shields and also dressed up in some mail armour. Our visitor also taught us the story of Beowulf and we acted out some scenes from this gruesome story

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New Reception classes (4 images)

Over the summer holidays whole new indoor and outdoor areas were developed for our two Reception classes. The classrooms are beautifully light with plenty of floor to ceiling windows and large doors opening onto the wonderful outdoor learning area. The children are really benefitting from these new spaces and the impact on their motivation to learn is noticeable.

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Happy Pancake Day from YRA! (10 images)

We started today by sharing stories and videos about Pancake Day and discussed why we celebrate “Pancake Day”. Reception then had lots of fun following instructions to make our pancake mixture. We took it in turns to weigh and measure the ingredients before whisking it together. Once our mixture was ready, we watched a “Cooking Show” where Miss Amos cooked our mixture on the hot plate. We watched our yummy pancakes cooking before choosing our toppings. We loved eating our pancakes at snack time.

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Pre-School (17 images)

The Pre-School children are quickly settling in and enjoying their environment. They have made new friends and found out just how much there is to explore! They have been developing independence skills, including putting on socks and shoes, They have had a lot of fun reading stories, especially ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. They made models of bears and a tasty ‘bear sandwich’. They had a visit from ‘Bookstart bear’ at the end of term 1, when all the children were given a gift of a storybook to take home. Reading and enjoying books is really important for young children. They also enjoyed sharing their learning journeys with their parents and carers too. We are so proud of our new class!

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Alice in Wonderland! (23 images)

Wow! What a busy time Year 6 have had since completing their SATs. The KS2 Summer production was Alice in Wonderland and we had a brilliant time rehearsing the play and then performing it to KS1, parents and visitors to the school. Everyone thought the acting, singing and dancing was amazing. KS2 children really did themselves proud!

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Starlight Sunglasses! (3 images)

In Starlight we are celebrating summer by making our own sunglasses, we had a lot of fun & thought they looked rather snazzy! Also we celebrated Leighton's birthday with cake and party ring biscuits. We wish all the children a happy summer holidays.

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Homework projects (29 images)

We were blown away by the standard of Year 3’s homework projects. The children must have all worked so very hard. Thank you also to the parents and carers, brothers and sisters too, for all your help. We hope you enjoy looking at these photos of them.

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Wow Event! (14 images)

We started our ‘Conquering Castles’ topic by a fun filled afternoon in the hall. We made crowns, split pin knights, decorated cupcakes to make them look like castles, made armour and designed clothes for a prince / princess. We can’t wait to learn more!

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Rev Tim's Easter visit (10 images)

Year 1 have been learning about the Easter Story, we were lucky for Rev Tim to join us for the afternoon. We thought about Easter symbols and the Easter story by making palm crosses, salt dough crosses, chocolate playdough hot cross buns, prayer hands and paper plate silhouette Easter scenes. We look forward to seeing Rev Tim soon.

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Farm Trip (8 images)

Year 1 had a fantastic day at Lower Stock Farm. Despite a little rain we went bug hunting, made dens and had a tour of the farm. The new puppy ‘Bear’ was very playful and friendly.

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Meditation sessions (2 images)

Alfie & Tanisha Y3 have enjoyed our new meditation sessions, we have enjoyed learning new techniques, helping us to keep calm

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Year 5, Term 4 photos (9 images)

In Year 5 this term, we have been learning about South America and all about different animals’ life cycles and habitats. North Somerset Music Service brought some samba instruments for us to play and we enjoyed making and performing our own samba music. We used some big drums called surdos and some smaller drums called caixas. We also played little drums called tamborims and some metal instruments called agogos. We found the chocalho hard to play but we enjoyed dancing while we played the different types of shakers. We then made our own rain makers back in class and enjoyed playing those too! In March we went to visit a local farm and learnt about how hard farmers work to look after their cows. Despite the strong smell of silage, we found the cows fascinating and enjoyed learning about their daily routines. However, we liked the chicks more as they were very cute and cuddly! These chicks were only 3 days old and we enjoyed spotting all the different colours on them and trying to match them up with their parents. We have also been to our nearest secondary school to learn all about universities. We took part in a workshop and learnt about degree courses, different types of accommodation students can choose to live in, and all about different clubs and societies you can join for fun! We won certificates for using our thinking skills and showing positive attitudes towards our future careers.

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World Book Day! (1 images)

Luca Y2 really enjoyed dressing up for 'World Book' Day, he came as the BFG and was great at 'flossing' in his costume!

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Pancakes! (2 images)

Logan Y2 enjoyed flipping a pancake and enjoyed eating then after with lemon & sugar. He also enjoyed playing with our small world creatures.

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Year 1 update (19 images)

During maths, Year 1 have been very busy learning about ½’s and ¼’s practically. We shared sweets equally, found a half of all sorts of things including a bottle of water, made pizzas with the correct fraction of toppings on and even had a fractions picnic ….yummy! We all know from our activities that half a cake is a bigger option than a quarter!

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Healthy from the inside (1 images)

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, 1MR made a ‘friendship potion’. We carefully thought about what we wanted to put in it and then bottled it for our class! Some of our ingredients include kindness, love, helpful, sharing and patience. Friendship helps to keep us healthy on the inside and out.

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Year 1 fly to Australia! (17 images)

On Tuesday 8th January Year 1 had a very exciting trip from Windwhistle to Australia on an aeroplane! We ate vegemite sandwiches, had inflight entertainment and even had drinks in fancy glasses! The afternoon was fun filled too. We made lamingtons, Australian flags, kangaroos, playdough Australian animals and designed cabin crew uniform/meals. A fantastic start to our new topic!

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Year 3 update (10 images)

In Year 3 this year we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. We held our very own Greek Olympic games and made our own Olympic medals. We have also looked at the importance of Greek pottery and created our own 2D models of amphora pots. We would like to say a huge thank you to Icescapes @Tropicana for a really enjoyable ice skating session.

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Year 1 Parent Celebration Event December 2018 (10 images)

Year 1 enjoyed our celebration event linked to science and toys. We worked with our grown -ups to complete a series of challenges including making a floating waterproof float to get elf across the sea!

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Starlight - December 2018 (2 images)

'The Starlight staff & children enjoy this time of year, especially Quinton from Y1. Our theme for this term is PEACE and all the children have created our wall display.

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Term 1 Update (11 images)

In Term 1, Year 6 had the opportunity of working with Into University for a week. They learnt how to be business entrepreneurs and had the opportunity of visiting Pizza Express, Weston where they made their own pizzas and especially enjoyed eating them! They then went to the new Weston University Campus where they worked in groups to come up with a marketing slogan and a new design for a pizza company. The highlight of their week was a visit to Bath University where children had the opportunity to present all their learning and finally graduate. Throughout the week, the children were encouraged to think carefully about their future aspirations and had a fabulous time whilst doing so. Year 6 would like to say a big thank you to the Into University team for organising such an excellent week.

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Vikings! (7 images)

In Year 5 this term we have been learning about the Vikings. We made our own Viking long houses out of shoeboxes – complete with fireplaces and animals enclosures. We have also made our very own amulets, which we designed to look like Thor’s hammer. Thor was the Viking god of thunder, who farmers worshipped in the hope of good weather for growing their crops. We hope these will keep away the stormy weather! At the start of Term 2, we hosted a Viking visitor, who taught us games Viking children used to play. He showed us some weapons and talked to us about their food and stories they used to tell each other around the fireplace.

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Year 4 Update (6 images)

The children have had an excellent start to year 4 and have been working very hard in class. The theme for the term is The Roving Romans. The children have met a Roman Soldier, made Roman coins and created some beautiful artwork showing Roman buildings. We have also been practicing lot of singing and had a lovely morning at Bournville Primary School taking part in the annual North Somerset Singing Festival ‘Raise the Roof’. The children were invited to the Tropicana to The Icescape for an ice-skating session. They had a fabulous time. There was lots of laughter and smiling faces. Everyone had great fun and were exhausted afterwards. Year 4 have also been receiving emails from Mrs Neale’s son Connor who is in the Royal Navy, serving on HMS Queen Elizabeth. The children look forward to hearing about life at sea and seeing the photographs he sends.

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Mini-celebration event. (16 images)

To end our history lessons about ‘Terrific Toys’ we invited our parents and carers into our Toy Museum. We showed them some old toys and games as well as some new toys. Some of us even showed them a ‘Punch and Judy’ show. We hope they enjoyed their visit to our museum.

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Wow event. (5 images)

Year 1 started their ‘Terrific Toys’ theme off by watching Toy Story. However the real Buzz lightyear appeared and gave us a fantastic afternoon. He played games with us, taught us a song and told us a story.

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Art Sculpltures (7 images)

Class Y1HM enjoyed making art sculptures using natural materials – in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish artist. They took inspiration from the Norman shields and swords they have been investigating as part of their Conquering Castles topic.

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Starlight Fun! (1 images)

This summer Starlight Room have been celebrating the children being 'FAB' P.A.W's kindly donated the FAB ice lollies to reward each child for their outstanding achievements. Crystal, Keri & Leah Y2 enjoyed the treat!

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Year 6 update (13 images)

Following on from SATs, Year 6 have had a fabulous time! We have made Biome dioramas, had our Inspire event where we created a Mayan Temple and made Mayan headdresses! We have also visited Longleat where we had the opportunity to hold a snake! We loved the penguins and being able to touch a sting ray! We also enjoyed the Adventure Playground where the Death Slide was just awesome!

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Hinduism (3 images)

Year3 have been learning about Hinduism and have been investigating the Hindu festival ‘Holi’. We have discovered Holi marks the beginning of Spring. It is celebrated with bonfires, parties, the throwing of coloured powder and playful pranks. The fun filled festival lasts for at least two days. The eldest male member of the family sprinkles powder on each family member as a sign of good luck. We created vibrant Holi flags as part of our learning journey.

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Dinosaurs (12 images)

Our class have always been passionate about dinosaurs so we followed their interests and created lots of learning opportunities. We measured how long and how tall dinosaurs were, counting the unifix we used to measure. We ordered sets of dinosaurs by size. We made up stories about dinosaurs and acted them out in ‘story square’. We found and dinosaur footprints, using both dinosaurs and our own footprints. We explored dinosaur fossils and made our own dinosaur skeletons. We are convinced we found a dinosaur tooth! We celebrated the end of our learning by meeting a real dinosaur when Titch the T-Rex came to visit us! He was a very friendly dinosaur!

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Art Sculpltures (2 images)

Class Y1HM enjoyed making art sculptures using natural materials – in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish artist. They took inspiration from the Norman shields and swords they have been investigating as part of their Conquering Castles topic.

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Stay and Play - Phonics (6 images)

Year 1 really enjoyed their Phonics Stay and Play. It was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Well done everyone!

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Year 4 (8 images)

In Year 4 this term we have been learning about rivers and mountains around the world. We began by making 3D models to show how rivers start at the source up high, often in the mountains, and meander downhill across the countryside, widening and joining with other rivers until they reach the sea. We have learnt about the different habitats a river may pass through along its journey from its source to the sea and the different plants and animals that may be found living there. We have been particularly interested in the impact plastics are having on these habitats and the damage that plastics can have on the oceans when they are carried there by rivers. In May, we had a day trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre where we looked at birds, otters and beavers in their own natural habitats. We had fun feeding the birds and listening to wildlife using sound guns to magnify sounds made by birds and other animals.

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Art Sculpltures (7 images)

Class Y1HM enjoyed making art sculptures using natural materials – in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish artist. They took inspiration from the Norman shields and swords they have been investigating as part of their Conquering Castles topic.

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Traditional Stories (26 images)

We have been enjoying traditional stories in Nursery! We have been reading the 3 Little pigs, the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. The children have learnt the structure of stories and enjoyed retelling using puppets and props. They also enjoyed exploring porridge – even making ‘oat’ angels! We tasted porridge and explored using different tools to fill and pour. We built bridges to go over rivers and had a go at using different materials to make houses for the pigs.

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Celebrations! (50 images)

This term we have had lots of celebrations! We celebrated Chinese New Year by exploring Chinese artefacts, playing with noodles, decorating a dragon and doing a dragon dance; and tasting Chinese food! Phew! We celebrated Windwhistle World book day by dressing up, visiting the library to choose our favourite book and sharing this book with a friend. St David’s day meant we started to become aware of the signs of Spring, painted daffodil pictures and explored the costumes and customs of Wales. We also planted beans and wrote signs to tell everyone ‘do not dig!’ and ‘do not stamp on our plants!’ We love getting out in our outside space and playing in the mud kitchen!

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Amazing Australia (12 images)

1HM celebrated some of the wonderful art work we have produced during our ‘Amazing Australia’ topic by inviting our grownups to an art gallery in class. The event was a big hit and enjoyed by all!

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Amazing Australia (10 images)

1HM has thoroughly been enjoying our topic ‘Amazing Australia’ this term. Following an aeroplane ride to Australia…. all in one afternoon! We have been doing a variety of fun activities to bring the learning of our topic to life. We used kangaroos to help us with maths, painted boomerangs using the Aboriginal style of dot paining. We learnt about The Great Barrier Reef. Can you guess what fish was made with playdough? In DT we made Australian rain shakers and used them in music to keep the rhythm of a song. We can’t wait to carry on our exciting learning journey!

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Year 4 – February 2018 (2 images)

In Year 4 we have been learning about the people who invaded and settled in Britain after the Romans left. The Anglo Saxons came here from Denmark, Holland and Germany because they wanted a better climate to live in and grow their crops. In DT we had to work in groups to plan and make a model of an Anglo Saxon village. It was quite a challenge because we had to decide on which parts of the village we were each going to make and then work out the layout. It was good fun and we were really happy with our end results. We began our theme with a visit from Katherine, who works at Weston Museum. She brought some Anglo Saxon artefacts with her. We got to examine them and work out what they were used for. We also started to think about how a museum is organised, because we will be designing our own vault of treasures later on. We have learned some Anglo Saxon crafts, including weaving. This was how they made fabric which they used to make blankets and clothes. Although it was difficult at first, we persevered and we all felt really proud of our results. We also designed our own ‘Illuminated Letters’ which Anglo Saxon monks used to decorate their hand –written copies of The Bible. In English we have been reading Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Tod Stanton. It tells the epic story of Arthur, an unlikely hero who faces danger as he goes on a quest to rid his village of an evil monster. The story is based on a Norse myth and we have had fun challenging ourselves to write a range of styles of writing, from a TV advert, to poems and finally our own adventure story.

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December 2017 (16 images)

Here in Reception we have been learning all about different celebrations around the world, especially Christmas! We celebrated the Hindu Festival of Light “Diwali” where the children learnt the story of Rama and Sita and made their own Diva Pots. The children also loved exploring traditional Indian clothing and music. We learnt all about the Christian celebration of Christingle and learnt how to make our own. We also celebrated the birth of baby Jesus in our Reception performance of the nativity “Shine Star Shine” where the children worked really hard as a team to learn lots of songs and dances as they told the special story. The children loved learning about Father Christmas and had their first school trip! The children used their phonological knowledge to write their own letters to Santa before taking a walk to the local post office where they sent the letters to the North Pole. He even replied to our letters and visited us in our school party!

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Year 3 Autumn Term (12 images)

Year 3 have had such a busy term! The children are all settled in the routines of the year group now and have taken part in such activities as: Making Greek laurel head-wreaths Having a Greek feast, trying a whole range of new foods Making incredible mixtures in Science Using clay to make a Greek amphora Performing of our poems about Belonging by Jeannie Bake to a specially invited guest panel Wishing you a very happy Christmas break and we’ll look forward to making new memories in 2018!

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Bookstart Bear visit (17 images)

What a wonderful opportunity to encourage an early love of reading! Bookstart Bear visited our Nursery Class and presented the children with a treasure pack, including a book to keep forever!

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Year 4 Website Update T2 2017 (2 images)

We have had an exciting term learning all about the Romans. Back in September, we were visited by Marcus, a Roman Centurion. He explained what it was like being part of the Roman Army and taught us how to do some fighting formation, such as ‘The Tortoise’, where we had to stand in rows and cover ourselves with our shields. We also got the opportunity to try on some of the Roman armour, which was so heavy we couldn’t imagine what it would be like to actually do battle in! We have also been learning about Volcanoes and did a lot of research using the iPads. We discovered that Mount Vesuvius had a devastating eruption in AD 79, killing thousands of people who lived in the beautiful city of Pompeii. The events of that fateful day unfolded so quickly that people didn’t have the chance to escape and were turned into stone as the ash and lava settled. Bristol University came to visit us to explain what sort of careers we could follow if we went to University when we were older. We learned some of the teamwork skills we would need and discovered some exciting subjects, such as archaeology, town planning and innovation. In November we took part in ‘Raise the Roof’, which is a singing concert held for children in Year3 and Year 4. We joined together with children from Bournville, Oldmixon and Uphill Schools and shared the songs we had all learned. We really did feel like our voices ‘Raised the Roof!’ We also had fun learning about how to stay safe on our Bikes. We had a workshop run by Bikeabilty, and we found out how to ride our bikes safely when we are out and about. Everyone got the chance to join in and for some of us it was quite a challenge as we were a little bit wobbly to begin with!

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Autumn Adventures (29 images)

We have had a busy start to Reception and have been learning all about our new school, making new friends and getting to know the adults who help us. We have learnt about the expectations, such as tidy up time; the routines, such as snack time and our rules. The children are beginning to show curiosity and try new things out; often experiencing pride in their achievements. Our theme for the term has been ‘Autumn Adventures’. We have read lots of stories about seasonal changes and have explored the differences that occur during Autumn. We have celebrated ‘Harvest’ and had a visit Farm Link who taught us all about how they collect the wheat and store it. The children were really interested to find out where food comes from and wanted to learn more about how to make food. We read “The Little Red Hen” which inspired the children to want to make their own bread and soup. We ate the bread and soup we made and it was delicious! (For most of us!)

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The Blitz Tearooms (14 images)

Year 6 have started their year with their WOW day; a visit to The Blitz Tearooms, Weston Super Mare. We all dressed up as evacuees and enjoyed a World War 2 style tea of crumpets and jam and a cold drink of our choice. It was delicious and we would like to thank the tearoom for closing for the morning for us. We all enjoyed looking at the WW2 artefacts and memorabilia. The Spitfire on the ceiling was amazing and we were fascinated by WW2 dial telephones. Walking through the door was like stepping back in time. It was a fantastic morning and we look forward to holding our Blitz Café for our parents in in December.

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Nursery Class Term 1 'Bear Necessities' (19 images)

Our first term in Nursery has been all about the ‘Bear Necessities’. Children have been exploring and finding out about the Nursery environment; trying out new activities and learning about rules, routines and expectations. Sometimes children need some gentle encouragement and support as they learn new skills; but soon they are ready to have a go themselves. Following a bear-based theme, children have made bear masks, painted pictures of bears, read stories to their own teddies and made playdough models of bears. We went on a bear hunt and made a 3D story map of our favourite story. In PE we have been travelling over, under and through equipment and learning self-help skills such as putting on our own shoes and socks. As well as our bear theme we have followed children’s interests such as drawing around dinosaur shadows. Most of all we have had lots of fun!

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A busy start to Year 1 (23 images)

The children have had a busy start to Year 1. They have had to learn about class expectations and develop stamina when working. Hopefully this has been lots of fun as well as hard work! We had an exciting Inspire Day for our topic ‘Terrific Toys’ when a dinosaur came to visit us. Later in September, we had a visit to Weston super Mare beach as part of the Big Day Out which gave us lots of opportunities to develop our confidence and social skills. There are also some pictures taken in the first few weeks of Year 1 showing children counting practically.

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Year 2 Fire Safety (7 images)

In year 2 our topic this term is Flaming Fires. We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London as well as fire safety. We wrote instructions telling others what they should do if there was a fire in their home and we practiced the "STOP, DROP and ROLL" procedure. We also read and retold the story of Francis the Firefly - a young firefly who caused a fire by playing with matches. We all know now that you must never play with matches or lighters.

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Year 2 Drama Day (8 images)

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon of drama with Fay from “Drama 4 all”. The children went on a deep sea diving adventure and met a variety of characters along the way. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session, especially when we all had to be bubbles that went POP!

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Thank you for a fantastic year Y1R! (30 images)

We have had an amazing time this year and you have all learnt so much. Thank you for being such a fabulous and enthusiastic class. It has been a pleasure to see you all grow into confident, independent young learners and we are so proud of you! Good luck in year 2 and have a fantastic summer holiday! Miss Rogers and Mrs Davies.

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Year 6 update. (20 images)

So much has happened in Year 6 since the completion of SATs. First of all, we had our end of SATs Pizza Party and then our exciting trip to Longleat. Our best experiences were touching sting rays and holding snakes and tarantulas! Would you hold one? Following on from that, we had our Inspire event where we worked with our family and friends to create a collage of a Mayan temple. Our craft work looked fantastic! Last week, we had our last ever trip to Farmer Nick’s Farm. The weather was scorching so we stayed in the shade for the day. We had to build dens that we could all fit in. Do you like our team work? Although hot, it was a brilliant day and in the afternoon we learnt how to use flint to make fires.

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Jamie Welch (1 images)

Jamie Welch is having fun with the Starlight Children.

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Spring into Summer (27 images)

We have been focussing on animals during Spring and we all went to the farm! We loved meeting the chickens and cows and we saw lots of other animals on our tractor ride! We have been reading ‘What the ladybird heard’ and we made our own ‘animal houses’. We painted farm animals and even put on our own show, retelling the story. We celebrated Easter by making Easter nests and we learnt about St George’s day too. We were lucky to have our local PCSO visit us- we learnt about the uniform Police wear and about their equipment – we even got to sit in a real police car! We have also been continuing learning about numbers, measure and counting. We practise writing letters and our names too. Now the Summer has finally arrived, we are busy planning lots of ‘picnics’ which helps us to learn about sharing and working together as a team.

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Mayor and Mayoress - June 2017 (6 images)

Year 3 were visited by the Mayor and Mayoress on Thursday 15th June. The children gave presentations persuading the Mayor and Mayoress as to what should happen to the Tropicana. The children talked really confidently. We then had a tea party with scones, jam and cream. We would like to thank the Mayor and Mayoress for visiting us and making the morning special for the children.

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3D Shapes (12 images)

In Year 1 we have been learning about 3D shapes and have enjoyed doing lots of practical activities to reinforce our knowledge of the names of the shapes and to start to understand some of their properties. We used marshmallows and cocktail sticks to make cubes and pyramids. We used playdough to make cylinders, spheres – and were challenged to make pyramids and cubes. We also used junk modelling cuboids to make castles and created the cylindrical towers by rolling card – which gave us an understanding of the nets of cylinders. Our Castle If you come into our classroom you will also see our castle – which we used in our Inspire Day. This is now part of our Book Corner and Role Play area.

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Nursery Rhymes (Term 3) (14 images)

We have been working hard this term to learn 6 Nursery Rhymes and explore the meanings of each story. We have learnt lots of new songs and the means of old words like “fiddle stick”. In reception we also had lots of special visits from the Dentist, Police and the Farm to help us learn more about each Nursery Rhyme: The police helped us to solve a crime as well!

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Reception children are out of this world! - (Term 4) (11 images)

This term we have been busy learning all about Space. We have learnt all about planets, stars, the moon and the sun. We have discovered how astronauts travel to space and have learnt all about gravity! We also found out why Aliens Love Underpants! Please come and see our Space book.

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Spring has sprung! (Term 5) (16 images)

Here in Reception we have been busy this Spring term discovering and learning all about lifecycles. Together we have investigated the changes that happen to frogs, chickens, butterflies and plants and even our own lifecycle! We went on a wonderful trip to the farm where we learnt all about cows, chicken and pond life. We got to stroke Mary the chicken and we found out where eggs and milk come from.

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Year 4 update (6 images)

Year 4 we spent a memorable day at Slimbridge in the Spring where we learnt about different birds and how they have adapted to feed in different ways. We observed how they eat and noted how different shaped beaks help them to find their food in different ways. Since Easter we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons and about the jobs they did in their villagers. Did you know that most Anglo Saxon children didn’t go to school? Instead, they learnt how to weave, how to plant seeds and how to paint Saxon runes on stones. We have also been learning about where the Anglo Saxons settled in Britain and which towns and villages still have Saxon names.

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Website update Nursery Class December 2016 (14 images)

Our celebrations at Christmas time include the children learning about the Christmas story and preparing a Nativity play for parents to watch. They were absolutely fabulous and it was great to see their growing confidence! They had to learn dances and songs and how to make sure they know when it was their turn to perform! Fabulous work Nursery! The children also enjoyed visiting the Christmas grotto and practising their pencil control by tracing Christmas patterns and writing the all-important Christmas letter to Santa! In maths they compared and ordered objects by size. They also enjoyed painting a picture of Santa!

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! (10 images)

Our new theme is ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ and it is a study of our local area. To celebrate Weston’s seaside and all the things we can do there, our WOW event to start the theme was a Punch and Judy show. Professor Paul came to visit and presented his show. We saw Punch, Judy, the baby, the policeman, the crocodile and the clown among other puppets. We really enjoyed the show especially when the policeman got turned into sausages! The puppets cost more than £100 to make each so we weren’t allowed to hold the real ones but could hold these lovely materials puppets of the characters instead.

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March Update (56 images)

We have been continuing to follow the children’s interests in different occupations by inviting parents and volunteers in to share their experiences. The children really loved taking part in a karate lesson and many would love to be a karate teacher when they grow up now! They also really enjoyed learning about hairdressing and practised their skills on ‘willing’ grown-ups and friends! We also learnt about being a chef by cooking our own pancakes and preparing vegetables for soup. We enjoyed tasting the results of our efforts very much! Now Spring is on its way, we have been noticing the changes in the garden and looking after the new flowers that have appeared. We celebrated St David’s day by making and painting daffodils. We have also been on a number hunt, looking for and beginning to recognise numerals in the environment; then practising our counting and number recognition skills. We have been practising using some of our ‘construction worker’ skills by using hammers, nails and shapes to make pictures.

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February 2017 (24 images)

The Nursery class teacher had a poorly leg in February so this inspired the children to find out about being nurses and doctors. They loved being patients too! The interest in different occupations continued into construction workers and the children practised working as part of a team, solving problems together. They developed their fine motor skills by using nuts and bolts. This led to practising their name-writing skills. We also visited our school library and explored different books. The children continued their interest in printing by making tracks outside using painty puddles and wellies - what a surprise to find out how the colours had changed! We have also had great fun dancing and moving to music.

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Helicopter Museum Jan 2017 (18 images)

In January we visited the Helicopter museum, following children’s interests in transport. The children loved sitting in the cockpit and lots of adults did too! We found out lots of interesting information and we even had a go at flying our own mini helicopters too. When we returned to Nursery, we drew, painted and created pictures of transport and built our own vehicles. We explored printing with tyres and wheels too. What a fun start to the New Year!

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Starlight Room - March 2017 (1 images)

John and M-Jay from Year 3 love to build the train track together, and enjoy the end result. They are both now very good at sharing and enjoy their job on a Wednesday afternoon of sharing the biscuits with Mrs Hunt!

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Year 4 - February 2017 (6 images)

In Year 4, we are learning about rivers and mountains. We found out about the journey that a river makes from its source in the mountains, until it eventually meets the sea. We worked in groups and made 3D models of the river’s journey using Paper Mache. In English we wrote a newspaper report based on the film Finding Nemo. We used exciting vocabulary and included all of the features of a newspaper report, such as writing in columns and having a witness statement. We are enjoying our P.E. lessons this term. We have the sports coaches and we have been using the apparatus in the sports hall to do our gym lessons. We have worked hard to do a series of linked moves, such as half turns and tucks, and also improved our balance and landing positions. In science, we took part in the BBC programme “Terrific Scientific”. We did an experiment where we had to count how many taste buds we had on a small section of our tongues. We used blue food dye so that it was easier to see the taste buds. We worked out if we were tasters, non tasters or super tasters. Then we watched a live lesson from the BBC and compared our findings to the hundreds of other schools that had taken part

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Stone Age WOW day (32 images)

Stone Age WOW day

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Railink Safety talk (5 images)

Railink Safety talk

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Reading Buddies 2017 (11 images)

Reading Buddies 2017

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February 2017 - Year 5 (6 images)

As part of our geography theme this term we are learning about the continent of South America. North Somerset Music Service delivered a Samba drumming workshop to Year 5 pupils and we had a go on the instruments and created our very own samba band! We played on the surdo, caixa and replinique drums, played on the agogos, tamborims, shakers and even the chocalos and recco-reccos! In Brazil samba bands play during carnivals as processions walk through the streets so we had to play loudly. This involved some shouting and making lots of noise indeed! We have also been learning about fossils for our ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ topic. To kick start our topic we had the challenge of building and piecing together the bones of a ‘T-rex’ and a ‘brachiosaurus’. This was a great activity for working together as a team. In addition to our Evolution and Inheritance topic, we are carrying out a local environment science experiment. We are looking at the local climate and collecting rainfall and then comparing this data to other local schools.

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Year 2 WOW day Term 3 2016-2017 (12 images)

Year 2 children spent the afternoon learning all about different ways of communicating including Makaton and Semaphore. We learnt a song using Makaton actions and all the signs for the letters of the alphabet. We also created our own flags and used them to spell out our names using semaphore.

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Autumn Update 2016 (9 images)

Year 3 have had such a busy start to the year. We started our Greek theme with a feast. We had made our own laurel headwreaths and Olympic style medals! Linked with this theme, we have designed and made a Greek amphora and written newspapers about the story of the Trojan Horse. We have been working hard in maths on our calculation work. When we started doing some work with shapes, we made 3D models of some 3D shapes. This was harder than we thought it might be but it was good fun. We have also been studying light and sound in Science. We have been investigating shadows and how they might change. We had a science day early in November where we learnt all about sound. We did lots of investigations to see how sound travels. It was a noisy and exciting day!

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The Roaming Romans! (5 images)

In Year 4 we have been learning about The Romans. The romans had a vast Empire and they had an incredibly well trained army. On the first day of term we were visited by a Roman soldier called Marcus. He explained how Roman soldiers set up camps as they prepared for battles. We learnt that eight soldiers had to sleep in a tiny tent and that they sometimes had to walk 30 miles a day carrying their heavy armour and weapons with them. In English we have written diary entries. We imagined what it would have been like to have been a Roman soldier in Britain. We used exciting adjectives and verbs to explain the main events and also thought about the soldiers emotions as he travelled so far away from his family. In maths we have been working hard to improve our times tables and learning new and improved ways to add and subtract numbers. Our work has been challenging and we have made lots of mistakes, which is a good thing because it helps us to learn new things. We were really excited to take part in the “Raise the Roof Music Festival”, together with two other local primary schools. We learned 10 different songs, which were linked to helping us with our reading, writing and spelling. It was really good fun and we especially liked doing all the actions. In Year 4 we are also learning how to play the ukulele. Mr Parfitt has already taught us three chords and now we are busy preparing for the KS2 Christmas concert

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The Blitz! (17 images)

What an exciting year so far! In Year 6 our theme for Term 1 and 2 has been World War 2 and we have been learning about The Blitz and Evacuation. To experience what it must have been like to be an evacuee we all dressed up for the day and visited The Blitz Tearooms in Weston. We had a WW2 tea of crumpets with butter and jam and a milkshake. We all enjoyed looking at the WW2 memorabilia, listening to music of the period and hearing the air raid siren. The staff all made us very welcome and we had a fabulous morning out. Of course, we didn’t forget our teddies! Don’t you think we all look fabulous?

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Vicious Vikings! - October 2016 (8 images)

In Year 5 this term we have been learning about the Vikings. We have learnt about their religion, their houses and the stories they used to tell around the camp fire. Jane Flood came into school and told us the Viking story of Idunna and her apples. We did some drama work related to the story and are now practising telling our own stories, just like Jane. We have also been making Viking amulets in the shape of Thor’s hammer. Viking farmers used to wear these for good luck and worship Thor, who was the god of Thunder. In our science lessons we have begun looking at properties of materials, reversible and irreversible changes and identifying reactions. We have started off by discovering what happens to chocolate when we heat it with hot water and what happens to melted chocolate when we cool it with cold water. We are looking forward to more experiments on mixing different materials and seeing what reactions happen!

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YEAR 2 VISIT FROM THE FIREFIGHTERS! Year 2 had a fantastic morning learning all about the important job our fire fighters do. A team from North Somerset fire service came to visit us and talked all about the different things that fire fighters have to do. They taught us what we should do if we discovered a fire in our homes and how to protect ourselves if there was a fire. They explained that we should all have smoke detectors in our homes and taught us the STOP, DROP and ROLL procedure if we were ever on fire. We all had a go at STOPPING, DROPPING and ROLLING on the crash mats. Year 2 children were lucky enough to have the opportunity not only to see all of the equipment on the fire truck but to also sit inside it and have a go at shooting the hose! We also tried on the firefighters costumes – they were really heavy and hot. Afterwards we read a story called Francis the Firefly and learnt how important it is that we never play with matches or lighters.

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Our School Photos (45 images)

Our School at work and play

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Aerial School Photos (6 images)

Aerial photos of the school and surrounding areas

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Year 2 - Summer 2016 (29 images)

Year 2 have been looking at all things “jungle” this term. Our WOW day involved the children going on a jungle animal hunt as well as making animal masks and eating jungle fruit. We created a jungle display in our classroom using paint, chalk, charcoal and coloured pens with lots of different animals, birds, insects and types of plants. We did lots of research using books and the internet and made our own jungle fact files, Y2C added 3d pictures to make them even more interactive. We created a 3d jungle village using different types of boxes and other craft materials. Our village had to have all the things that a real jungle village would have plus some extras – Y2V even had a waterfall and rapids! We also went outside and created a collage using resources that we found in our school playground.

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Year 4 - Homework Project 2016 (8 images)

Homework Project In year 4 we did a homework project linked to our history theme. We had to design and build our own Anglo Saxon house. We thought carefully about what materials to use so that our models looked as realistic as possible. We were really proud of our hard work and at the end of the day we got to see what the other year groups had done as well.

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Year 4 - Farm Trip 2016 (4 images)

Fun on the Farm We were really excited to visit Farmer Nick this week. We went to his farm at Wrington and we had to go into the woods and build our own shelters. We could use whatever resources we could find and had to work in teams. Our shelters had to be big enough for all of our team to get inside and we had to try to make them weatherproof. We were a bit surprised to discover an unexpected visitor: a large brown toad! We had a camp fire and ate toasted marshmallows. After lunch we went on a tractor ride and did some pond dipping. In the pond we found pond skaters, tadpoles and some dragon fly larvae. The sun was shining and we had a lovely day. We felt sad when it was time to leave because we always have a great time on our visits to the farm.

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Gold Merit Award Winners 2016 (12 images)

Gold Merit Award Winners 2016

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Year 4 - Spring Surprise 2016 (1 images)

In Year 4 we had some unexpected visitors ! We saw the squirrels playing and chasing each other around the playground before school and after break. We think they are looking for crumbs of food. We decided to call them Alvin and Theodore, and we hope that they will visit us again soon.

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Year 3 - Tetrahedron Challenge 2016 (7 images)

Year 3 - Tetrahedron Challenge 2016

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Starlight - Spring 2016 (2 images)

During Term 4 we talked about Spring coming. The children all contributed to our wall display “Spread Your Wings and Learn to Fly”. Our room looks lovely with all their art work on display. Also Reggie from Year 5 brought in his dinosaur suit to show us. We had such fun!

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Reception - Space 2016 (20 images)

Out of this world! This term Reception have been learning all about Space and discovering what is out there. We researched the astronaut Tim Peak who showed us around the International Space Station and answered our questions. We found out about what astronauts eat in Space and even made our own Space food. We learnt about different planets, meteors and asteroids and created our own with papier-mâché. Using magnetic shapes we made our own Space pictures of rockets and planets. We also had our very own Space Station where we dressed up as astronauts!

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Year 3 - Summer 2016 (7 images)

Year 3 have had a great first week back to school. Our new theme is called ‘Oh I do like to be Beside the Seaside!’ and is a local study of our town, Weston-super-Mare. Our WOW event was a visit from Professor Paul Wheeler who performed a traditional Punch and Judy show to us. It was very funny! He also told us how the puppets are made and we got the chance to look inside the booth to find out how the show works. We completed our Step into the Stone Age project with a Stone Age museum before we broke up for the holiday. In groups, we made a display on a different aspect of Stone Age life before parents came to visit the museum. We had to talk to the parents about our display and then we set a quiz to the parents to see if they had been listening! We have lots of other exciting events coming up this term including a making-and-creating homework project, our annual farm trip and a visit to the beach!

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Easter Decorate a Cake Off 2016 (11 images)

Easter Decorate a Cake Off 2016

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Nursery - Spring 2016 (27 images)

The Nursery Class has been really interested in eggs and birds recently, a sure sign Spring is on its way! We have been exploring feathers, eggs and nests and even had a special visit from one of the children’s pet birds! We looked closely at different nests and talked about how to look after an egg. There was a heated discussion as to whether nests needed doors and windows! An interest in eggs of the chocolate variety has also been increasing as Easter arrives…. The interest in eggs also led to an interest in spinning and rotation. We followed this up by exploring a range of opportunities where children could explore how things worked and use spinning toys. We looked at clocks, spinning tops, whisks and artefacts from around the world including a boomerang and an Indian room decoration. This led to children asking questions about the World and where people lived. Outside we used our physical skills to try and rotate a marble through a maze and spin in a large dome. We have also continued our work in Maths comparing sets of objects and looking at patterns. World Book Day included making paper dolls for the feature book and an opportunity to develop our scissor skills! This was rapidly followed by Sports Relief Day when we joined the school in walking a mile. The children still had energy for a visit to the tyre park as a reward afterwards! We have been continuing our awareness of British Values by celebrating St David’s Day when we joined the Reception class to make flags and leeks, Welsh dolls, and draw daffodils. We also dressed up in traditional Welsh costumes. Soon it will be St George’s day and we will be looking forward to warmer days, hopefully!

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Year 6 - London Trip 2016 (9 images)

In January, we had the Year 6 trip to London and a great time was had by all. Owing to the London Eye being closed for maintenance, we had a change of venues this year. We visited the London Dungeons and went on a boat cruise along the River Thames. We arrived in London just after 11 0’clock and went straight to the London Dungeons. We were greeted by Jesters in bright costumes who were doing tricks as they took us inside. Immediately, it was pitch black and we were put into two groups. We were then taken on a tour of London’s dark and murky past. We came face to face with Guy Fawkes and Mrs Walker was locked up in a cage for conspiring to help him. As our journey continued, we encountered a Plague Doctor, Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett as well as Jack the Ripper. Mrs Walker appeared in court accused of being a pirate and one child was charged with being and 42 year old French spy! Another escaped a hanging simply because it was the King’s birthday! It was a fabulous visit and we all had an unforgettable time. After lunch and a visit to the gift shop, we made our way to the boat cruise. We boarded the boat via the London Eye Pier and we sailed down the river to the Tower Millennium Pier. From the river, we were able to see many magnificent buildings including The Shard. We also passed HMS Belfast and passed under Tower Bridge. It was amazing. When we left the boat, we were able to walk around the outside of the Tower of London before our journey home. Whilst on our return journey, we passed Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abby. Wow! We had a fantastic day in London and we couldn’t wait to get home to tell our parents all about our memorable day and show all of our gifts.

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Year 2 - Inspire 2016 (36 images)

Year 2 held their Inspire Event on 12th February 2016, a good time was had by all.

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Year 2 - February 2016 (13 images)

Last term in Year 2 we looked at the work of Anthony Browne. The children enjoyed exploring how fairy tales were depicted in his illustrations throughout his books. Year 2 children produced art work based on his illustrations. Our Inspire event was also linked with Anthony Browne and the children created 3D box art to represent the different stories. It was wonderful to have so many parents and carers join us to share in our learning. Yr2 children were also learning about different forms of communication in their History topic. They looked at different types of phones through history based on Alexander Graham Bells invention and also created their own mobile phones.

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Year 4 - Spring 2016 (13 images)

This term our theme is ‘Water, Water, Everywhere.’ We have been learning about the features of rivers and looking at how the journey of a river changes constantly. We have looked at different world rivers, and we have been researching them so that we can make a powerpoint presentation. In English we have been inspired by ‘Finding Nemo’. We have written character descriptions, missing posters and a perauasive letter from Nemo to ask his Dad to give him more independence. We are also about to write a newspaper report about Marlin’s journey to find his son. In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We can find and identify fractions that are equivalent to each other and fractions of amounts. We are also working hard to improve our times tables facts. We are really excited that we have Jacob and Jimmy, the sports coaches , with us this term. We are learning how to play tag rugby. Its tricky passing the ball because you have to pass it backwards to your team. We are learning different passing techniques and can’t wait to play our first game. In Art we are going to look at the work of Hokusai, a Japanese artist. We will study his paintings and then use them to create our own versions using a range of resources. We all enjoyed the Science Week, where we carried out lotsof experiments in class and with our parents. We made mini hovercrafts and balloon powered cars. We had an assembly and a workshop with Mr G, who showed us lots of amazing science experiments and we got the chance to make our own instruments and flubber!

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Year 1 - Term 3 2016 (18 images)

This term we have been learning all about ‘Amazing Australia’. For our first day back to school we took a trip to Australia. We queued at Passport Control ready to board the plane and go to Australia! We soared through the sky and thought about what we wanted to do once we land. During our theme we have decorated boomerangs using traditional Aboriginal Art method of dot painting. The looked beautiful! We even had a boomerang throwing competition to see who’s could go the furthest. Unfortunately our boomerangs did not come back to us! Take a look at our other photos which shows what we have been doing in English, Maths, Science, DT and Computing!

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Year 3 - Spring 2016 (13 images)

We’ve had a busy term so far in Year 3. We started our new theme ‘Step into the Stone Age’ with a visit from Paul and Helen from Discovering History. They brought lots of things for us to investigate and hold. Our knowledge of the Stone Age increased greatly. In maths, we have been learning about fractions. We did some great work with Numicon, finding out how many tenths of a shape were different colours. Some children even managed to make equivalent fractions finding twentieths and then tenths! In English, we’ve been reading Traction Man by Mini Grey. The children have loved the book ~ it is very funny. We have enjoyed creating their own problems for Traction Man to solve and then we’ve created comic strips showing our own stories. We had our INSPIRE session of 5th February also. An adult was invited by each child to come in and work with the children. Everyone got involved with different maths activities, some more challenging than others. Hopefully it showed that maths is fun and isn’t something to be scared of. The children’s favourite activities were making Chinese fortune tellers with multiplication facts hidden inside!

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Year 5 - February 2016 (8 images)

As part of our geography theme this term we are learning about the continent of South America. North Somerset Music Service delivered a Samba drumming workshop to Year 5 pupils and we had a go on the instruments and created our very own samba band! We played on the surdo, caixa and replinique drums, played on the agogos, tamborims, shakers and even the chocalos and recco-reccos! In Brazil samba bands play during carnivals as processions walk through the streets so we had to play loudly. This involved some shouting and making lots of noise indeed! We have also been learning about fossils for our ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ topic. To kick start our topic we had the challenge of building and piecing together the bones of a ‘T-rex’ and a ‘brachiosaurus’. This was a great activity for working together as a team. Also, we have been learning about perseverance in all lessons and we put this to the test in Art and drew 4 pictures of the same butterfly, each time improving from the original one. We worked well with our peers who gave us critical and helpful advice. Our pictures all turned out really well.

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Year 4 Autumn 2015 (3 images)

In term 1 we learnt about ‘The Roaming Romans’. We started off in September by investigating CI Pompeii. We saw different artefacts from Roman times and learnt about what happened to the ancient city of Pompeii after the volcano on Mount Vesuvius errupted. We had fun learning about Roman food and got the chance to make Roman honeycakes. Even though they looked a little flat, they were very tasty! However some of the typical Roman foods were not quite so appetising – peacock brain in red wine and roast dormouse sounded dreadful to eat! In DT we looked at different Roman pots and designs. We made our own small pots out of clay. It was quite tricky to form the coils because the clay was quite messy. In English we have been writing a ‘Voyage and Return’ story based on the book ‘Escape From Pompeii’. We though carefully about how to describe the characters and the settings so that the reader could really imagine what it was like. Our music lessons have been very exciting . Every week Mr Parfitt taught us how to play the ukulele. At first it was difficult understanding how to hold the instrument but now we have practiced we can play different chords and songs. We also rehearsed our songs for our Raise the Roofconcert, which took place in November when we joined with some other local schools to see if we could ‘Raise the Roof!’ In term 2 we have been looking at what it was like to be a Roman soldier based in England. We had a visit from Maximus, a Roman soldier who turned up unexpectedly! He showed us how the Romans would prepare for battle and what equipment they had. We also learnt some battle formations and how to march together as an army.

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Nursery Christmas Nativity 2015 (33 images)

Children in both nursery classes enjoyed dressing up for our Christmas nativity. They worked very hard to learn the words and actions for all of the songs. Children were SO wonderful when they showed what they had learnt to parents, grandparents and other family members- well done Nursery!

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Starlight - November 2015 (5 images)

Year 5 getting in the festive spirit making their individual mince pies. The children all enjoy this time of the year in the ‘Starlight Room’.

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Year 3 Ancient Greece 2015 (10 images)

We have been learning all about Ancient Greece this term. We started the year with a Greek feast! We ate some traditional Greek foods such as feta cheese, vine leaves and hummus. We wore our Olympic style Greek medals which we made and our laurel head-wreaths. We also learnt about the city of Troy and the war between the Trojans and the Greeks. The Greek army made a huge wooden horse which some of the army hid in before capturing the city of Troy. We acted some of the scenes from the story before creating our own newspaper front pages, retelling the events. We have designed a created our own Greek amphora-style pots. We had to make the shape out of clay and decorate it in traditional colours. This term in English, we have been looking at poetry and how we can perform it. We created success criteria for making an exciting poetry performance and then showed our poem performances to each other.

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Year 6 - Autumn 2015 (12 images)

We have all had an exciting start to Year 6. Our theme for Terms 1 and 2 has been World War II. Farmer Nick came in and let us sample foods that were cooked by families during food rationing. We liked the Vinegar Cake but we were not so sure about the Cheese pudding! We also visited the Blitz Tearooms in Weston Super Mare where we sampled a World War II tea of crumpets with butter and jam. The tearooms were decorated in a World War II style with lots of artefacts and memorabilia which we enjoyed. In science, we have been investigating forces and made boats out of tin foil whilst learning about ‘up thrust.’ We found that boats with a larger surface area were able to carry more weight.

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Year 5 - Autumn 2015 (6 images)

It has been an exciting time in Year 5. In Term 2 we were learning all about the Vikings and did some weaving just as the Vikings would have done. Do you like our finished results? Our theme for Terms 3 and 4 is Evolution and Inheritance. We have been focusing on the Geological timetable and have learnt how fossils were made. As palaeontologists, we have been piecing together fossil bones to create dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are Brachiosaurus and T-Rex. During our theme, we will be learning about animals in the South American Rainforest as it is one of the most diverse habitats on earth. As an introduction, we took part in a Samba workshop lead by North Somerset Music Service. We have learnt that Samba music originated in Brazil and was usually played outside. We learnt to play instruments such as surdos, agogos, repleniques and tamborims. It was very loud and had to be played in the main hall. We all had a fabulous time and it was a great introduction to our theme.

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Remembrance Day 2015 (7 images)

On Remembrance Day children who attend external activities such as Brownies, Cubs or Scouts were invited to attend school in their uniforms.

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Reception - Summer 2015 (19 images)

We have had a busy summer! We have been practising for sports day with our Sports to School coaches; they always have lots of fun activities for us to do! We have become so much more confident using large equipment in PE too. We also really enjoyed our African drumming workshop. We learnt to play simple rhythms and really showed how our attention and listening skills have developed over the year! We used these skills independently, negotiating what to play and listening to each other’s music. Our skills in negotiating have also been useful when working in pairs to create symmetrical patterns. We also enjoy pursuing our own mathematical investigations and often lots of friends join together to explore ideas. Our trip to the farm is always a firm favourite. We met Mary the hen and looked at, felt and even smelt an egg! We went hunting for mini-beasts and learnt about habitats, we found a toad hiding under one of the tin sheets! We also found a nest for a mouse, but he had popped out for some cheese…well, that’s what we decided anyway! We loved the tractor ride and thought it was very funny when the cows chased us! Finally, we had a play in the woods and enjoyed building dens and playing hide and seek. I wonder what we will learn next?

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Reception - Autumn 2015 (12 images)

The Reception children have settled well into school and have enjoyed exploring the environment. During Apple Week we explored different types of apples. We made apple volcanoes, painted apple pictures and used different apples to make apple crumble. YumYum!

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Year 1 - Autumn 2015 (17 images)

In Year 1 we have been really busy this term! We have been learning about old and new toys, listening to lots of stories about toy bears and we have even been writing our own stories! One of the stories we explored was ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We made this story real life and went on our own hunt for a bear. We experienced the long wavy grass, the deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a big dark forest, a swirling whirling snowstorm, a narrow gloomy cave and we had to run away from… THE BEAR! We had lots of fun and this inspired us to write, draw, make puppets and role-play being a bear in the hot seat. Apart from bears, we have also been thinking about what makes a good friend and have been looking closely at our own faces. Take a look at some of our self-portraits.

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Year 1 - Summer 2015 - Conquering Castles (14 images)

This term our topic has been conquering castles. We have learnt all about William the Conqueror and the castles he ordered to be made. We re-enacted the battle of Hastings and celebrated William’s victory and carnation with a banquet. To help us understand the different parts of a Motte and Bailey castle we worked in groups to build models. We had a whole day to make and decorate our castles. We hope you like them.

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Year 2 - Autumn 2015 (15 images)

In Year 2 we have been learning all about the Great Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire of London that followed after. We learnt about the doctors who tried to help the sick people and the measures they took to protect themselves. As a critical skills challenge, we worked together in small groups to create our own “plague mask” that would be able to protect us if there was a plague. We could use any of the materials we had in class and we have to ensure our mask had protected eye holes and a long nose that could be filled with herbs and spices. In year 2 this term we have been learning how to write accurate instructions. Rachel from Asda came in and showed us how to make bread. The following day we had to follow instructions accurately to make our own jam sandwiches. The best thing was – we got to eat them afterwards!

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Year 6 - Summer 2015 (4 images)

Term 6 saw Year 6 enjoy their new Mayan theme culminating in a critical skills challenge to create and perform an ancient traditional Mayan ceremony of their choice. Great fun was had in the re-enactments from a funeral to the initiation of a young warrior. During the month of June, year 6 pupils became the next Alan Sugars as they took part in the Virgin Fiver Challenge. Businesses were created from car washing to cookie making resulting in lots of profit being earned by all. Mr Jeremy White, a local business owner, was on hand to present certificates and awards at the inaugural Fiver ‘Oscars’ Awards. The culmination of all the hard work up to and during SATs was rewarded with a fantastic residential trip to the Isle of Wight. Five days of fun filled activities and relaxation was truly a lovely end to a great year.

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Nursery - Forest School - 2015 (8 images)

The forest school project has been running every Friday during Term 6. A small group from each of the nursery classes were chosen to take part in the forest school project led by Mrs Richards and Miss Clist. Children learn actively and develop their knowledge and thinking skills through hands on experiences. During the time spent outside in a mixture of child initiated and adult led activities, Forest school aims to enable children to: develop a sense of independence and confidence in being outdoors, improve social skills, improve physical motor skills, develop linguistically and mathematically, and have an increased understanding of the environment. Week 1 Children listened attentively as we discussed how to keep ourselves safe while we are outside. We encouraged the children to “go explore”. The children didn’t need any encouraging! After the children had time to explore the environment, we set the children a challenge. We asked the children to make a hat using things they find in the forest. The children had to think really carefully about the items they would stick on. Week 2 The children spent time walking and rolling through long grass. When we came down from the hill and we noticed that the grass was now flat! We then gave the children a little treasure bag and asked them to fill it up with special things they could find. Before placing them into the bag they had to describe what each of the object felt like. Week 3 Following on from last week, it was observed how well the children were able to look at things closely. We decided it would be a good learning opportunity to provide magnifying glasses and bug pots for the children this so that they could explore the environment more closely. Again, before the session started, we discussed the ways we keep ourselves safe whilst we are outside. Mrs Richards was also keen for the children to foster positive attitudes of caring, protection and conservation, so they had to take great care in their inv

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Year 2 - Bristol Zoo Trip 2015 (13 images)

Year 2 had an amazing day at Bristol Zoo on Wednesday 20th May 2015. We saw so many animals including: penguins, seals, lions, monkeys, gorilla, parrots and loads of different insects! The children were fab and made us very proud.

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Year 5 - May 2015 (12 images)

In Year 5 we have had an exciting introduction to our theme for Terms 5 and 6 based on the Ancient Egyptians. We have had a visit to Bristol Museum where we attended a History Workshop and were able to handle some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts. Can you see the special white gloves we all had to wear? We loved the Ancient Egyptian display and looking at all the fossils, dinosaurs, rocks and crystals and animal displays. It was a great day out. We have also visited the Lowerstock Farm where we were given that challenge of building a shelter suitable for our entire group to sit in! Some shelters even had a shower and a doorbell! We all had a fabulous time.

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Year 3 - Term 5 2015 (9 images)

Last term in Year 3 we were looking at animals including humans in our science lessons. We found out all about skeletons and why we need them and had a go at drawing our own skeletons which we displayed in our classroom. This term we have moved onto light and we have investigated how we need light to see different objects using a dark box and torches. In literacy we wrote our own play script based on our Punch and Judy WOW event. We created puppets and then acted out our plays to our friends. In maths we have been learning about capacity and used different sized containers to solve a range of puzzles and problems.

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Anglo Saxons - Year 4 Term 5 2015 (17 images)

In Year 4 we have been learning about the different tribes who invaded Britain after the Romans left. We had a “Wow!” day in Uphill Woods where we learnt some Anglo Saxon skills. First of all, we had to identify different species of trees by looking at their leaves and we worked out the age of the oldest tree by measuring the diameter of the trunks. We wrote Kennings, which were traditional Saxon forms of poetry, inspired by nature. Then we used runes, which was a type of alphabet, to solve some riddles and to write our name. Finally we did some weaving, which is how the Anglo-Saxons made fabric. We were very excited to go to visit Farmer Nick at Lower Stock Farm. We spent the morning working in small groups to build dens. Our dens had to be weather proof and large enough for us all to fit inside. It was difficult moving the branches into the correct position but we were all really proud of our efforts. Afterwards, Farmer Nick lit a camp fire and we all enjoyed munching some toasted marshmallows. In Literacy this term we are really enjoying planning, writing and filming our own adventure film. We have had to work in groups to plan scripts, rehearse scenes and film each section. Next term we are hoping to produce a finished film and have a film premiere, complete with red carpet.

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Happiness Buckets - Spring 2015 (1 images)

In the Starlight Room this term we have taken inspiration from our favourite book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. All the children contributed to their wall display with a lovely result. We have also been making ‘Happiness Buckets’ inspired by another book ‘Fill A Bucket’. Here is a picture of Ocean in Year 1 with his ‘Happiness Bucket’. The children have enjoyed both themes and are looking forward to Summer crafts.

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Starlight - Spring has Sprung - 2015 (1 images)

In the Starlight Room ‘Spring has Sprung’. We have been painting Spring flowers and making Easter crafts and Spring hats. Harvey from Year 2 loved making his and was kind enough to help the other children in Year 2. Well done Harvey.

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Nursery - Easter Nests 2015 (15 images)

Today, Rachel from Asda came to visit nursery. She brought some ingredients with her to make Easter Nests. We helped to crush shredded wheat into small pieces before stirring in some melted chocolate… the smell was delicious! We carefully put a spoonful of the chocolate nest mixture into each case and added an egg on top of each nest. Take a look at our photos! Next week we will continue our work around Easter. We will be having an Easter egg hunt where we will have to match numbers and patterns. We will also be listening to the ‘Little Red Hen’ story, using props to retell the story. We will be cutting out egg shapes to make Easter hats.

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Reception - Music & Art - February 2015 (20 images)

Our theme for last term was Music, Art and Dance. We looked at different artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Van Gogh. We developed our physical skills by using rulers to draw straight lines for Mondrian pictures and carefully controlling our paintbrushes to paint concentric circles like Kandinsky. We also used cotton buds to paint pictures using the ‘pointillism’ technique. We were also visited by real artists who taught us how to combine different media and use things like candle wax, salt and cling film to create new effects! We used a range of shapes and resources to create our own ideas. We learnt that artists often listened to music such as opera or swing as they worked so we listened to opera, swing and classical music too. We painted to music and talked about how the music made us feel. We explored different instruments and moved in different ways to music.

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Reception - Chinese New Year - February 2015 (5 images)

We have been learning about cultures and traditions around the world and the Chinese New Year festival. We were very lucky to have Rachel, the community champion from Asda bring in Chinese food for us to taste. We explored artefacts from the Chinese culture and had a go at using chopsticks and rice bowls. One of our parents came in and told us all about how she celebrates Chinese New Year and told us all about the Chinese Zodiac. This inspired one of our children to make a collection of Chinese zodiac animals at home. We even made our own Chinese dragon dance. Our learning has helped the children think about how they are the same and different to each other and inspired one of our children to share her knowledge of her Swedish heritage.

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Reception - Nativity December 2014 (21 images)

We are really proud of our classes as they work together to put on our Nativity play. They have to work so hard to learn the songs, stage directions and actions and we really enjoy seeing their growing sense of confidence and pride when they perform the Nativity to their parents, carers and relatives.

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Reception - Westonbirt - November 2014 (8 images)

We loved our visit to Westonbirt arboretum! The children had a fabulous time exploring the woodland and collecting leaves, sticks, conkers and pine cones. And guess who we met in the deep, dark wood! That’s right, we came across the Gruffalo! We liked feeling the purple prickles all over his back! We had a fabulous time!

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Reception - 'Apple Day' October 2014 (10 images)

‘Apple Day’ is a celebration still held around the countryside to celebrate the apple harvest. In school we have been exploring different apples. We used our senses to smell, taste and feel the apples and ordered them by size and weight. We developed our physical skills by chopping the apples and discovered the secret star hidden inside. We made apple crumble – yummy! We even planted seeds to grow our own apple trees.

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World Book Day 2015 (12 images)

World Book Day 2015

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Australia Day in Year 1 - 2015 (8 images)

Year 1 celebrated Australia day, our classroom was converted into an airport! We made passports and travelled to Australia. We learnt all bout Ayres rock, Sydney Opera house and the Great Barrier Reef! We made and tasted lots of Australian foods including lamingtons, vegemite and fairy bread! The chocolate covered lamingtons were a firm favourite!!

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Year 6 - London Trip 2015 (4 images)

This term was the long awaited Year 6 trip to London. It was an early start for all of us and despite being tired we were on the coach by 7 am sharp and heading towards out capital city. The nearer we got to London the louder the voices on the coach became. Soon children were spotting Windsor castle and watching the planes take off and land at Heathrow airport. Not long after that we began to notice the expensive car showrooms. Before we knew it we were outside the science Museum. Inside the museum we went straight to the space section and enjoyed trying on the Astronauts gloves and trying to complete small task. It was very challenging. Soon enough it was our time to go into the 4D cinema. We really enjoyed the fact that it made us feel as if we were actually landing on the moon. Our seats rocked backwards and forwards and threw us around and then we landed with a bump on the moon. We even got water sprayed all over us. After lunch and a visit to the gift shop we made our way to the London Eye. It was much larger in real life. To get into the pods you have to walk on when it is still moving and then the doors close and we began our flight. On a clear day you can see for 25 miles in all directions. We had great views and even managed to glimpse the arches on Wembley Football Stadium. 30 minutes later we were back on solid ground and visiting our last gift shop. We had a fantastic day in London and we couldn’t wait to get home and tell our parents all about our day and show all of our gifts.

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Year 6 - Evacuees 2014 (4 images)

We dressed up as evacuees for an exciting trip to The Blitz Café in Weston. We all looked so good in the clothes that children used to wear during the Second World War. The boys had flat caps and somebody even wore a balaclava whilst the girls wore berets. We all brought teddy bears with us and carried our gas mask boxes. When we arrived at the café, we all sat down at different tables. Wartime music was playing in the background which created a lovely atmosphere. The place was filled with war memorabilia and on our table we had a ration book which contained the menu. Michelle, who runs the café, took our orders and we all ordered crumpets and jam. They were delicious. We took plenty of photos and enjoyed our visit so much that we are planning to organise our own Blitz café for parents.

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Year 2 - Inspire Event 2015 (10 images)

Last term Year 2 children enjoyed and reading learning about a variety of stories by the author Anthony Browne. Writing based on Anthony Browne can be seen on 2J’s blog. The children then improved their knowledge of interpreting pictures and their drawing skills using the theme of Anthony Browne. In fact they enjoyed discussing the pictures so much Year 2 teachers decided to base the Inspire event on the author’s books. The Inspire event consisted of children and their families creating a 3D image from the Antony Browne books. Thank you to the family members who made it an exciting event for the children to participate in. Please remember that Y2J have a blog which they try to update daily. It shows lots of work which happens in the classroom and gives you an opportunity to comment and feedback to the children. The address is

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Year 4 - Water, Water Everywhere - Spring 2015 (9 images)

In Year 4 our theme for Terms 3 and 4 is all about water and rivers. On our first day back after Christmas we enjoyed watching the film Finding Nemo and creating our own fish collages using a variety of textures. So far we have learnt about how rivers are formed and the journey they take from the source to the sea. We have also learnt about the water cycle and investigated how warmer temperatures speed up the evaporation process. We had to use this knowledge to work together and create some displays for our classrooms, as you can see we had lots of fun doing this and our teachers were very impressed with how well we worked together.

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Year 3 - Wildplace Visit Spring 2015 (19 images)

Year 3 went on a trip to the Wildplace Project. We saw lots of animals including okapi, wolves, zebra, lemurs and wild birds. We had a science session learning all about plants and their different parts as well as types of pollination. We had lots of time to explore the woods and enjoyed the play area. It was a great day!

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Year 3 - Spring 2015 - Freeze Frames (13 images)

We have been thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in Y3V. Last week we worked in small groups to re-tell the story through a series of freeze frames. It was great fun and gave us a really good chance to think about the different scenes in the story.

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Year 5 - January 2015 (8 images)

It has been an exciting time in Year 5. In Term 2 we were learning all about the Vikings and did some weaving just as the Vikings would have done. Do you like our finished results? Our theme for Terms 3 and 4 is Evolution and Inheritance. We have been focusing on the Geological timetable and have learnt how fossils were made. As palaeontologists, we have been piecing together fossil bones to create dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are Brachiosaurus and T-Rex. During our theme, we will be learning about animals in the South American Rainforest as it is one of the most diverse habitats on earth. As an introduction, we took part in a Samba workshop lead by North Somerset Music Service. We have learnt that Samba music originated in Brazil and was usually played outside. We learnt to play instruments such as surdo’s, agogo’s repleniques and tamborims. It was very loud and had to be played in the main hall. We all had a fabulous time and it was a great introduction to our theme.

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Nursery trip to The Wild Place Project 2014 (20 images)

On Wednesday 10th December we went to the Wild Place Project. It was a little bit chilly but we had so much fun! We got to make smelly cocktails and a dragon’s nest during the forest school activities outside. Inside the ‘Ed Shed’ some children made baby owls using pine cones and other children made stick men and stick ladies! We got to see lots of animals, and watched Lemur’s being fed. There was a play fort too and so we had a great time whizzing down the slide!

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Starlight - Autumn 2014 (2 images)

We have been very lucky recently, PAWS kindly bought Starlight a sand/water tray. The children have had such fun with bubbles and now sand. Through creative play the children learn how to share and show kindness towards others. It also enhances their language, so a big thank you to PAWS.

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Library - Football Reading Challenge (2 images)

Football fever came to Windwhistle Primary School during the World Cup tournament. In the library during the tournament a reading challenge was held, which encouraged children to read any book on sport. Unfortunately England did not make it through the group, however the reading challenge proved to be a great success. The competition ended the day after Germany won the World Cup when two names were drawn, the first prize being a Brazilian football. Children were disappointed England did not do better but were excited about the though of winning the football!

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Year 5 Visit to the SS Great Britain 2014 (8 images)

Year 5 Visit to the SS Great Britain On Wednesday 12th November all of Year 5 went to the SS Great Britain as part of the schools and museums project. We all had a fabulous day and especially enjoyed dressing up in Victorian costumes in the museum. We were able to see the iron hull of the ship and the amazing screw propeller that Brunel designed. We especially liked the warm air created by the large dehumidifiers that were used to slow down the hull’s rusting process. It was great to be first class passengers for the day and visit the elegant dining rooms and the cabins that were occupied by the wealthy people. We could not believe how small the beds were! Only very small children would fit in them today. We all came away having learnt a lot about this beautiful ship that stands as a monument to Brunel, the famous Bristol engineer who built her! It was a great day out and we would all like to go again someday.

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Making Cakes in Nursery 2014 (10 images)

Making Cakes Some of the nursery children asked if we could make some cakes to go on the cake stand in the home corner. We talked about our previous experiences of making cakes before making our own. “A long time ago I tried with my mum and my sister Sian. I mixed it really fast. I tasted sugar- it tastes like sweets!” said Caitlin. We weighed out the ingredients needed to make the cakes. We mixed the butter and sugar in a bowl, then added an egg. We took turns to mix all of the ingredients together then added the flour. Sienna said “You need to mix it. It’s getting covered in sugar. It’s getting runny and gloopy and gluey”. “I am mixing really hard- I am really strong” said Jayden. We used spoons to put the cake mixture into cases before baking in the oven. The kitchen smelt delicious whilst the cakes were cooking! We even washed up afterwards!

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Settling into Nursery 2014 (16 images)

Settling in! Children have settled into nursery really well, with some children returning and some children starting! Take a look at the photos to see what we have been up to…

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Year 1 - WOW Day 2014 (12 images)

Year One started this term with a WOW day to introduce our theme Terrific Toys. We looked at lots of different toys and tried to guess how old they were. The children all brought in their favourite teddy and we had a Teddies Bear picnic. We have shared lots of stories about toys, the children particularly enjoyed re-enacting “Whatever Next”.

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Year 2 - WOW Day 2014 (9 images)

Year 2 children had a ‘WOW!’ day on the first day back of term. A fire engine and crew came to Windwhistle Primary School to teach the children about fire safety. The children had the opportunity to sit in the fire engine, hold some of the equipment and learn about the job of a fireperson. This was a fabulous start to the Year 2 topic of London’s Burning.

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Starting School 2014 (9 images)

We have really enjoyed meeting our new classes and the children are settling into school life really well. They have enjoyed finding out about their school environment and the resources we have in our classrooms. They have been building relationships with their teachers and making new friends.

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Rocks and Fossils 2014 (12 images)

This week in year 3 we have started our topic all about rocks and fossils. We talked about all the different types of rocks that we see around us and what they are made up of. We also had the chance to examine and compare some rocks and pebbles in the classroom. Afterwards we drew some rocks and wrote descriptions using all the new words that we had learnt.

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Roaming Romans 2014 (7 images)

Welcome to Year 4 2014! This term we are learning about the ‘Roaming Romans’ and started our theme by finding out about the ruined city of Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We discovered that the eruption of the volcano helped preserve the city exactly as it was in Roman times. We explored our own Pompeii crime scene to see if we could learn about the Romans from the evidence they left behind. Haiku Poems As part of our Literacy we have been exploring different types of poems. Using our knowledge about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius we created Haiku poems describing the impact this had on the town and people of Pompeii. Click on the photos to see some of our poems.

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Easter Bonnet Parade 2014 (40 images)

Easter Bonnet Parade at Windwhistle School

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PAWS (10 images)

P.A.W.S is our Parent Teacher Association and all parents are automatically members. We are a small committee made up from senior management, support staff, governors and parents with the main objective being to raise money to enhance the learning environment for your children. This is done by holding various fundraising events throughout the year consisting of Christmas & Summer fetes, mufti days, cake stalls and supporting National events like Children in Need and Red Nose Day. We are always in need of fresh fundraising ideas and would welcome any input from our parents ~ plus new members are always very much welcomed.

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