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Gold Awards

Children at Windwhistle School who earn their GOLD merit award for outstanding learning behaviour are taken on a treat with the Headteacher.


Children earn merits for following the school rules in an exceptional way on a consistent basis.  The merits lead to Bronze Awards, then Silver Awards and finally the coveted GOLD award.  Their gold badge is presented in assembly when they have their photo taken in a gold hat while the school sing the special gold song.  There is a gold’ ‘Roll of Honour’ and their names are written in the ‘Gold Book’.

Children earn 30 merits to earn their Bronze award which gives them an extra playtime with other Bronze winners.  They then continue to earn merits until they have 3 Bronze awards (90 merits) when they earn a prize from their class reward box.  Pupils can then go on to achieve 3 Silver awards which means they have reached the coveted Gold award.  This is celebrated in assembly, they are awarded a special gold badge and a gold card is sent home to allow their family to celebrate too.


Children earning their Gold award are able to go on a trip with the Headteacher, Lyn Hunt, and other staff.  The latest trip was to Puxton Park where the children had a wonderful time in the play area and then outside on the attractions in the park.  About 120 children earned their Gold award last year.


Headteacher Lyn Hunt said: “we recognise that it is vital for children to be able to take responsibility for how they conduct themselves and the merit system works very effectively to support this.  We are very proud of the way that children demonstrate a positive attitude to their learning and show respect for everyone in the school community.”