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Our Curriculum

At Windwhistle we offer children an ambitious, exciting and enjoyable curriculum which is broad and designed to make the teaching and learning experience offered to our children as stimulating and memorable as possible. A knowledge and skills based approach is followed to ensure that all children make progress with their learning as they move through the school which will prepare them for their future. Children of all abilities are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills through a range of activities and support.   


The curriculum is planned and sequenced in a way that supports their learning during their time at Windwhistle. We also ensure that children accessing afternoon interventions still access a broad and balanced curriculum. We follow the Primary National Curriculum.  


We also invest heavily in trips, visitors and activities for the children to support their understanding of the areas being explored. Our evidence shows us that this is an area that children are not always able to experience at home and so we aim to provide them with culture capital and a broader understanding through these events. This provides regular, vital, hands-on opportunities to deepen their engagement with the theme which will embed their learning in their long-term memory. 


If you would like additional information on any area of the curriculum, please speak to Mr Martin at the school.