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Parent Support Groups

At Windwhistle we run two parent support groups at least once every school year.


Domestic Abuse Recovering Together (DART)

Key Contact: Jenny Adams


Through Domestic Abuse, Recovering Together (DART™), children and mothers can talk to each other about domestic abuse, learn to communicate and rebuild their relationship. Over ten weeks, during the school day, mothers and children aged 7-11 meet for a weekly two-hour group session. Children and mothers work together for an hour at the start of the group, and then take part in activities in separate groups. At the end of each session, they join together again.


Women learn:


  • how domestic abuse happens
  • how it affects children.
  • by exploring experiences and strategies that can be used as a parent.


Children take part in activities together that help them


  • build their own understanding of domestic abuse
  • how they’re feeling
  • how to keep themselves safe.


The course is run by Jenny Adams and 2 colleagues from North Somerset. If you would like more information about this course, contact Jenny Adams through the school office


Family Thrive

Key Contact: Beckie Norton


Family Thrive for Parents and Carers is a six week course to introduce you to the fundamentals of Thrive and how it works in practice.


Have you ever wondered what’s happening when your child


  • won’t listen
  • answers back?
  • has a tantrum?


If you would like more information about this course, contact Beckie Norton through the school office.