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Progress at Windwhistle Primary School

Progress at Windwhistle Primary School


We want our pupils to make the best progress possible each year and set them challenging targets to ensure that they do.  We support their progress with a range of interventions to support them in achieving these targets.  We challenge children of all abilities to achieve the best they can.




We review individual children’s progress regularly.  In addition to this we observe teaching, scrutinise planning and children’s work and talk to the children to see what could make it even better.





Any children who are not making the progress we would expect for them are identified and then appropriate support is put into place.  This could include a wide range of strategies including additional support in reading, writing or maths but also approaches such as moving to a new seating position, talking to parents, a referral to the Learning Mentor or outside agencies and discussions with the pupils themselves.  These children’s progress is monitored very closely to ensure that their progress does then improve. 


All of this helps us to ensure that children’s progress is accelerated enabling them to  leave Windwhistle with pride and so begin their next stage of education with the best possible start.