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September 2021 opening for all pupils

Covid-19 arrangements for September at Windwhistle – Pupils and parents


We know there are the new rules BUT the virus is still spreading so we will continue with sensible measures to protect everyone


We will still:

1. Ensure good hygiene for everyone – regular & thorough handwashing or sanitising of hands

2. Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes – we will still have a daytime cleaner in addition to after school cleaners.  They use the recommended cleaning fluids to kill the virus on surfaces

3. Keep occupied spaces well ventilated – windows and doors open

4. Clear process for any child or adult showing symptoms


What will change:


  • No staggered start and leaving times


  • No staggered lunchtimes and breaks


  • All arrows/cones/chains have gone


  • No class bubbles or club bubbles


  • Children are able to sit on tables in groups


  • Children will not need packs of individual resources


  • Children will change for PE and so will need a PE kit in school


  • Children will need their own water bottles, plain water only please


  • No social distancing requirements for children or adults – although adults may choose to


  • Assemblies will be be face-to -face


  • Children can sit on the carpet at the front of the classroom for input if this is better for learning than at tables


  • Children and ‘double-jabbed’ staff will not need to self-isolate if they have been a close contact but will be invited to have a PCR


  • There is no requirement for staff or parents to wear masks but we appreciate that some will still want to


  • Risk assessments have been updated and are on the school website