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Term 1 2021

The new children have settled really well into Pre-school and have enjoyed exploring our environment. Reading and enjoying stories is so important to us; we base all our learning around classic children's stories as well as children's interests.


We have been reading 'Brown bear, brown bear, what can you see?' We went for a walk to see what we could see and made our own book! We took our book home to share with family and we have one in Pre-school to read and enjoy. This activity helped us to notice features of our environment and use familiar phrases from the story. We explored different colours (the animals in the story are different colours) this ended up being very messy! The children enjoyed making marks on a large and small scale - and also on their faces! One of our children arranged the crayons to look 'like a rainbow.' He was very proud of himself.  

In our SCARF lesson we learnt about features of our body and that parts of our body are private. 

We have started learning about the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt.' 

We have made mud (we do like messy play!) and enjoyed exploring the textures of the ingredients and how it changed. This is early science!


We build our own caves for our 'bear', learning to stack blocks horizontally and vertically; and solving problems such as making the cave big enough or when they fell. 

We have also looked at where we live - we all live in different types of housing - flats, maisonettes, caravans, houses... and familiar places in Weston-super-Mare. We also celebrated the wedding of one of our Pre-school teachers; Mrs Eeles and dressed up for our own 'weddings.' This gave us an opportunity to talk about special celebrations in our lives and how families are the same and different - some families have just a Mummy or just a Daddy, or two Mummies or two Daddies and some children live with people who care for them - foster carers or relatives. This helps instill British Values and early learning in People and Communities. 


Our children are superb and we are really enjoying getting to know them!