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Term 1 2021

We have been very busy in Year 5 this term and we have learnt many new skills. In DT we had to design and make a new P.E bag. First, we looked at what material we should use and how to design it. We had to learn how to sew a running stitch and a back stitch to make sure the seams were secure. It was quite challenging, but we persevered and were really pleased that we had learnt a new skill and were extremely proud of our finished bags. 

In English we have been reading 'Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon' by Torben Kuhlman. We have written diary entries, made predictions about the story and held a debate about whether the mouse should travel from New York to Washington. We thought about our presentation skills when we were speaking in front of an audience. We had to have a clear voice and make eye contact with the audience. Some of us were a little nervous about doing this, but we felt confident after we received feedback from our class. 

In RSE lessons we have been looking at improving our teamwork skills. We had to work in groups and see who could construct the tallest town from newspaper. We discussed our plans with each other so that we knew what job each person in the group had to do.