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Term 4 2022

Ks1 started off the term by going on a Magic Carpet ride. The children sat on the carpet and were encouraged to use their senses and imagination to describe where they would go and what it looked like. The children thoroughly enjoyed this. The children then drew a picture of their experience. Within our Imagination theme we also made Dream Catchers.

Ks2 focused on coping skills, and we used the acronym R.A.I.N. Relax, Affirm yourself, Interact, New environment.

In March it was St Patrick's day, we talked about being "Lucky and "Grateful" Gratitude has an enormous effect on our Mental Health, it allows the recognition of the good things in our life and reduces frustration.


For our Easter theme ks1 made Self-esteem Bunnies, the children wrote on their Bunnie's why they were some Bunny special!

Ks2 decorated Easter baskets and eggs. On the eggs the children wrote compliments for the other group members and put them in their baskets.