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Term 5 2021

We ended Term 4 thinking about friendships and being kind, with an Easter theme. The children each made and Easter basket and decorated eggs. The children then wrote a kind message on the back of the eggs to each of their friends in Starlight. All the children ended up with a basket full of 'EGGS-MAZING' Easter eggs. 

We took our friendship theme into Term 5 and read a book called "Making Friends is an Art" 

Lottie in year 3 painted a picture from the story. Mrs Burke from Starlight thinks it looks fantastic as Lottie has really captured the coloured pencils. 

Our younger members read a book called "Paper Dolls" They had great fun designing and decorating their own dolls. They are beautifully unique. 

Tia from year 3 painted a lovely picture of her friends.

During the last weeks of Term 5 the children talked about their Summer wish list, we made a Starlight Bucket list. Each child coloured in a small bucket or painted some sea shells. The children stuck it together to make 1 big bucket. All 54 Starlight children contributed. 

Starlight children learnt about different feelings. KS1 read a book called 'The Colour Monster' and even made their own. The children used an 'emotion mirror' to mirror the feelings of the children in different pictures. 

The children also used Playdoh to show different emotions.