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Term 5 2021

Preschool have been making the most of the Spring weather by getting out in the garden and catching up with gardening jobs. Preschool cannot wait to eat the strawberries they have planted! This has helped the children to develop an understanding of growth and change. It has been lovely for the children to explore all the creatures in our garden - a fascination for worms has developed and we had a most exciting find - a slow worm!  

Preschool have also been 'growing' some butterflies  - the children saw the caterpillars pupating and they eagerly await their emergence! 

Preschool have learnt about caring for animals as well as themselves. The rule 'We are gentle' has been the main focus. 

Preschool have been developing the ability to work and learn with others, working in groups, co-operating and sharing - not an easy thing when you are 3 going on 4 years old!

The children love pretending to be the teacher. The children often act out the morning welcome time routines. 


Mrs Luxton - "I am so pleased with the way the children are developing their counting and number skills through play and playful activities. Their concentration, resilience and independence is really making good progress! I am now thinking about their transition to Reception class and know I am going to miss these children very much!" 

The children loved how their tiny caterpillars metamorphosised into beautiful butterflies. They said goodbye to them in the gardens and watched them fly away to enjoy the Springtime.