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Attendance Matters

Attend today to achieve tomorrow!


Gates open: 8.45am. Bell rings: 8.45am. Registration: 8:50am


Late/Absence Procedure


Children who are late for school miss a significant amount of learning which affects their overall achievement, academic progress and social opportunities. It is important that children do not miss the first activity of the day as this introduces and settles them into their exciting day of learning. 


If your child is going to be absent from school, please may we ask you to contact the school by 9:30am on the first morning your child is absent. This helps us to ensure that all children who have left home to come to school have arrived safely. 


If your child is arriving late they MUST enter the school via the school office to sign in. If they arrive after 9:15am this will be counted as an unauthorised absence for that period. 


A child who misses 10 minutes of school a day misses a total of 30 hours of school a year!

A child who misses 2 days of school a month is considered to have 'persistent absence' and will trigger the beginning of our attendance procedure and could have profound consequences for parents and carers.


Top tips for being on time!


  • Get all your things ready the night before. Make sure uniform is out, lunch is made and bags are packed!
  • Have a 'last stop area' where you always leave shoes, coats, phones and keys.
  • Have no television on before school! If you don't have television on, make it a reward for the children who ARE ready on time!
  • Set more than one alarm. 
  • Have a race! Who can be ready first? You or your children!


Remember, if you if you can identify the thing that makes you late then we could help!


Please contact Nicole or Mahad if you or your child needs help getting ready for school on time. 

We are here to help!


Nicole Vinton - 01934 629145

Mahad Ali - 01934 313390


These are the school expectations and not ELAN expectations.