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Design and technology

Design and technology rationale


At Windwhistle Primary School we deliver an engaging design and technology (DT) curriculum where children learn in an environment where they are encouraged to be independent and creative problem solvers. Links are made to the real world so that children are confident applying their technical and practical expertise from the classroom to everyday tasks. 


The design and technology curriculum


Planning progression is carefully curated, ensuring that the curriculum is planned and taught methodically. All lesson sequences account for prior and future learning objectives. An integral part of the DT curriculum is the use of the ELAN Design and Technology planning progression which robustly outlines a progression of skills from Year 1 up to Year 6. Children will develop an expansive range of subject knowledge whilst drawing on skills from other subjects such as science, mathematics, computing and art.


Design and technology teaching


Planned units will typically involve children completing a focused project from one of the following areas of DT: mechanical systems, electrical systems, textiles, food, structures and mechanisms. 


All units taught begin with investigative and evaluative activities. This crucial first step allows children time to explore a given focus linking into the aspect of DT for that particular unit. Next are focus tasks. During focus tasks, children learn and begin to practice using the skills needed to be able to make the focus of the project. Children will build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users. Once these have been made, the final stage will be an evaluative assignment. Learning will be critiqued, evaluated whilst the children test their ideas and that of their peers.