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Science Rationale


Our vision


At Windwhistle Primary School, through our science teaching, we want to enrich the lives of the children in our school by creating awe and wonder at the world around them. Through experiential learning, they will develop their curiosity to understand scientific concepts and processes and understand how these have been harnessed by human beings throughout history to improve civilisation.  Pupils will see how their learning links to the real world and their own future potential careers as scientists.


The Science Curriculum


Subject based knowledge and thinking scientifically skills are progressively sequenced and revisited regularly to embed learning.  Links are made with each year group’s humanities units where possible.

An overarching enquiry question introduces individual lessons, with activities constructed to facilitate children’s understanding and ability to answer those questions using their own evidence. Children are made aware of their own learning skills in this way and their metacognitive development is thus enhanced.

Every lesson includes retrieval of knowledge which is supported by a knowledge organiser, carefully constructed to include the powerful knowledge that every child will access and learn.


Science Teaching


Each lesson will build on previous learning and develop subject specific concepts, vocabulary and skills. Hands on experiences will be used whenever possible to give children memorable and authentic experiences and lessons will be designed to be creative and engaging.