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English Rationale


At Windwhistle Primary School we recognise that English is essential to everyday life and it is vital that our pupils become confident speakers, readers and writers in order to be successful in education, but also in the wider world. 


Our ambitious curriculum is built on a wide range of quality texts, which will enrich the children's understanding of both the spoken and written word. Lessons are designed to include a wide range of writing opportunities , with skills and concepts taught being developed year on year so that children are provided with deep knowledge and understanding which will be essential as they move forward into the world. 


Within the Early Years, the systematic teaching of phonics is at the heart of our approach to the teaching of reading and writing. Phonics is a way of developing the ability to read quickly and accurately; in the Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1, it is taught everyday to give our children a solid foundation in their decoding and segmenting skills.