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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


With year 6 being the final year of primary school, it is full of excitement and fantastic new challenges. Our motto is 'To work hard and to play hard.'


Our aim is to ensure that the children are prepared for their SATs in the summer term whilst also providing a broad and balanced curriculum full of exciting opportunities. Furthermore, we believe it is important to build our children's resilience and independence and to prepare them for their transition to secondary school. 


In year 6, we continue to develop the skills the children have learnt throughout their primary education. We do this through a variety of topics across the year. In English, we begin our year 6 journey be delving into an exciting quest set in the Stone Age called 'Wolf Brother.' Throughout our history units, we will be studying World War II with a particular focus on The Blitz of major cities within Great Britan and the Allies reciprocal bombing of German cities. We will also be thinking about the nuclear attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of World War II. For our next history unit, we will travel to South America and uncover the legacy of the Ancient Maya and finish with the youth culture of Britan in the Swinging Sixties. 


In geography, our pupils will learn to distinguish between New York State and New York City and will understand how immigration has affected the city's infrastructure particularly around the borough of Manhattan. Finally, we will explore 'Oceans, Lakes and Rivers from Source to Sea.' 


We are so excited to welcome you all to Year 6 and hope your children will enjoy their final year with us.