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The intent of the PE curriculum at Windwhistle Primary School is to provide a high-quality physical education that inspires all pupils to excel and succeed in physically demanding activities. Our aim is to promote a love of physical activity, develop pupils’ capabilities in a range of sports and physical pursuits, and instil life-long healthy habits.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our PE curriculum is inclusive, catering to the needs and abilities of all our pupils. We want to instil values such as fairness, teamwork, and respect, enabling our pupils to develop important life skills while participating in physical activities.


At Windwhistle Primary School, we believe that high-quality PE helps to improve pupils’ overall well-being, physical fitness, and academic achievements. We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for pupils to be active, enjoy movement, and challenge themselves within a safe and supportive environment.


Implementation - Curriculum Design and Planning


Our PE curriculum is designed in line with the GetSet4PE scheme and the ELAN key progression skills document, ensuring that it meets the highest standards and promotes progress in all areas of physical education.


The curriculum is carefully planned to provide a broad and balanced range of activities, allowing pupils to develop physical skills across different sports and physical pursuits. We offer a mix of team and individual sports, striking and fielding activities, gymnastics, dance, swimming, and athletics, ensuring that pupils gain exposure to a variety of activities.


Our scheme of work ensures that all areas of the PE curriculum are covered over the academic year, with clear learning objectives for each lesson. Lessons are progressive, building on previously learned skills and knowledge, and allowing pupils to apply them in different contexts.


Quality Teaching and Learning


At Windwhistle Primary School, we prioritise high-quality teaching and learning to ensure all pupils make excellent progress in PE. Our teachers and sports coaches are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and appropriately qualified to deliver the curriculum effectively.


We utilise a range of teaching methods, including whole-class instruction, small group work, and individual tasks to cater to different learning styles and abilities. Teachers carefully scaffold learning, providing appropriate challenges and support to enable all pupils to achieve their potential.

Assessment for learning is integrated into our teaching practice. Regular formative assessments are conducted to evaluate pupils' understanding and progress, providing feedback on their strengths and areas for development. This feedback is used to inform future lesson planning and differentiate teaching to meet individual needs effectively.


Inclusion and Differentiation


We believe in the importance of inclusion and ensuring that all pupils can participate fully in PE. Our PE lessons are adapted and differentiated to meet the needs of pupils with varying abilities, including those with disabilities or special educational needs.


We provide appropriate support, adaptations, and resources to accommodate pupils with specific needs during all aspects of the PE curriculum. This may involve modified equipment, differentiated tasks, or additional staff support to ensure that every pupil can engage and make progress.




At Windwhistle Primary School, we strive for an outstanding impact of our PE provision. Through our intent and implementation, we aim for the following outcomes:

1. Pupils are physically active, enjoying and valuing physical education and sports.

2. Pupils develop competence and confidence in a wide range of physical activities.

3. Pupils understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and make choices that enhance their well-being.

4. Pupils demonstrate the values of teamwork, respect, fairness, and good sportsmanship.

5. Pupils are motivated to continue participating in physical activities outside of school.


To evaluate the impact of our PE provision, we use a variety of measures, including assessment data, observations, pupil reflections, and feedback from parents and external partners. This information allows us to evaluate progress against stated objectives, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation ensure that our PE provision remains relevant, engaging, and meets the evolving needs of our pupils. We actively seek opportunities for professional development and continually refine our provision.