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PE Rationale


At Windwhistle Primary School, through our PE curriculum we aim to teach our children vital skills which are necessary for them to succeed not only in school but for their future life too. We aim to incorporate Real PE strands linked with the national curriculum to make improvements to our children’s resilience, independence, communication, respect, teamwork and have our children striving to achieve their best. Our curriculum will be planned to maximise participation and challenge to ensure it gives all children the opportunity to enjoy and learn from its content.


PE lessons will consist of two lessons a week: one physical education lesson each week guided by the Real PE aims and also a sport lesson once every week. The physical education lessons will follow the Real PE aims of personal/ social/ cognitive/ creative/ health and fitness/ physical. This content will be appropriately sequenced and clear for teachers to follow and implement challenge to allow the pupils to grow. In sport, the skills which are desired to be taught are set by the PE lead and teachers can choose the sport that achieves these skills. Sport is therefore a lesson which is fun for teaching staff and therefore something more comfortable to teach. Teachers have access to the PE Hub to access lesson plans for their year group to also increase their confidence in what they teach. The skills learnt in PE are transferable to what children will meet in sport, wider school learning and future life. Therefore, referring to the skills learnt in Real PE lessons is important to instill daily across school life.


The PE lead will be responsible for keeping the curriculum updated by attending ELAN meetings and by seeking advice from the sports champion. The PE lead will be responsible for making sure teachers are confident in what they teach and can offer training internally themselves or with support from the ELAN sports champion. To ensure curriculum coverage and the journey towards the complete child is at its best, the PE lead is responsible for documentation which sets a clear guidance of what teachers should be aiming to teach and achieve in each term, year after year; these will be in the form of progression maps and progression documents. Our curriculum map gives children the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and use a breath of skills. Lessons will involve small sided activities to increase the opportunities for all and give children the best possible chance to apply the skills that they are expected to learn. Along with this opportunistic teaching, lessons will be designed to include all children regardless of age, ability, gender or disability which is something that is carefully thought about in the Real PE lesson content provided. Our school aims to introduce new sports to our children, integrated with the regular taught sports to allow our children to be excited about new sports and also allow them to apply their skills across a variety of sports.

Children understand that they are expected to be active during PE lessons and during lessons they will be expected to learn skills through activities, challenges and games. The focus on the children working towards their personal best and problem solving will help them achieve vital school and future life skills, particularly independence and resilience. There are many opportunities for children of varied age, ability, gender and disability to take part in school sport against other schools in a mixture of competitive and non-competitive environments. These competitions take place by either inter school fixtures, ELAN sporting events or sporting events run by the NSSPEA. Children are encouraged to take part in regular sport; our school provide extra-curricular clubs and are able to signpost children towards local clubs of sports they express an interest or talent in.


Our teachers understand the importance of PE in keeping children physically active in an ever increasing technological world. We therefore aim to take part in the Daily Mile across all year groups, to show the importance of daily exercise.