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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


We cannot wait to welcome you to Upper Key Stage 2, as you start your penultimate year at Windwhistle. In year 5, we will be building on our resilience and independence skills to access an exciting curriculum which will inspire us on our lifelong journey of learning. 


In the Autumn terms we will be travelling back in time to find out all about the Anglo Saxons and what impact they had on Britan. In addition, we will be using DT skills to create Viking longhouses. In science we will be designing and constructing experiments as we learn about properties of materials and how they change. In geography we will be looking at trade routes to explore the effects of different trades on people and places. 


Our English writing unit for Autumn will be based on The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon, which is an exciting adventure about an alternative moon landing. 


During the Spring terms we will be looking at the impact the Vikings had when they invaded Britan and how this continues to shape us still today. Then we will be leaving the grey skies behind us as we explore Europe and travel to sunny Spain. In this geography unit we will discover the human and physical features of Spain and investigate the climate zones, The Pyrenees and an in-depth study of Catalonia. 


As the days grow longer during the summer term, we will be exploring the Victorians and the legacy left by Brunel. We will have a walk into town to see firsthand how Weston super Mare was shaped by the new innovations from this time. In science we will develop our scientific skills by exploring forces all around us. In addition, we will be using our DT skills to build our own fairground rides using gears and levers. 


Mrs Madeley and Mrs Nicholson and all the Year 5 team are looking forward to an exciting year.