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Year 4

Welcome to year 4!


We look forward to continuing your learning journey with you. We have an exciting year planned, with plenty of engaging experiences and activities whilst also continuing to focus on developing independence, growth and resilience skills which will help you to become confident and independent learners for life. 

We will begin the new school year looking into what life was like in Ancient Greek times, including democracy, the Olympic Games, Greek inventors and finally thinking about whether Ancient Greece has had an impact on our lives today. We will then begin to explore mountains and volcanoes, seeking to find out how they are created and what it is like to live near a volcano. You will explore and research the locations of famous mountains and volcanoes around the world. We know you will thoroughly enjoy creating your own mini volcano and watching as it erupts in front of your eyes. 

In your Design and Technology sessions, you will be practicing your sewing techniques as well as designing and creating your own light up Christmas decoration. This will really show off your understanding about electrical circuits which you will be learning about and experiencing throughout your science sessions in term 2. 

After Christmas, you will be transformed into historians and investigate evidence that tells you how the Romans used to live.  You will learn about how their army was so successful at conquering most of Europe and what it was like living in Britain under the Romans. Did they bring interesting habits and customs with them from Italy? You will also be learning about what humans have in common with all living things in our science lessons and what makes animals and plants different from each other, from the smallest insects to largest blue whales! You will even explore our beautiful school grounds and identify some of the plant species growing nearby. You will also be designing and making your own fabulous greetings card with moving parts.

As we enter our summer term, you will learn the differences between weather and climate patterns. You will be carrying out fieldwork to measure rainfall and be true scientists as you collect and record your results.  You will then learn about how weather is changing around the world and find out how you can protect our fragile planet. In our science lessons you will get creative by investigating sound and taking a journey into our bodies to find out where your food goes after you have eaten it! We bet you can’t wait to hear about that!

This is just a taste of some of the fantastic learning you will enjoy in Year 4 next year.  We wish you all a wonderful and safe summer holiday and can’t wait to get started on the next step of your learning journey at Windwhistle.