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Religious Education

From September 2023, we have adopted the Opening Worlds humanities curriculum for history, geography and RE. 


Opening Worlds curriculum and its associated teaching approaches will secure the highest possible quality of education for pupils. This is because the curriculum ensures that the subjects reflect the wide reference and academic practices, outside of school, to which they refer. In addition the material is organised so that pupils use earlier material to access to later material and so that pupils start to see how everything connects within a subject.


Opening Worlds has strongly recommended that the material is taught in sequence because each part makes the next part much more understandable.  Numerous words that are explicitly taught and practised in Year 3 are then taken for granted in lessons in Year 4-6.  If children do not have the secure knowledge of the content and vocabulary of the Year 3 curriculum this is likely to slow progress and limit enjoyment.


All key stage 2 children have, therefore, started with the Year 3 Opening Worlds curriculum.  As a result of moving from the school’s previous curriculum to Opening Worlds, the school has identified a small number of content gaps.  These have been noted and will be addressed through our choice of books that are used in English and read to children, field trips and acts of collective worship.

RE Rationale


Religious Education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to explore difficult philosophical questions, develop an understanding of different religious beliefs and also encourage them to reflect on their own ideas and way of living. RE helps children to combat prejudice, appreciate diversity and promotes the integral values of tolerance and respect. In this way, the RE curriculum contributes towards establishing British values and aids children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. RE has an important role in preparing pupils for adult life, employment and lifelong learning. Our RE curriculum at Windwhistle enables pupils to develop a rich knowledge and deep understanding of the Christian faith. They will also learn about Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Through high quality RE teaching, children will develop a wide range of skills including enquiry, interpretation, evaluation and reflection. Pupils are encouraged to participate in philosophical discussions and explore their own ideas and beliefs in a classroom environment where they feel heard, respected and understood.