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Top tips

  • Help your child to develop the skills they need to be independent, such as getting used to playing with other children, dressing themselves and looking after their things
  • Talk positively to your child about starting school, as well as listening to and acknowledging any anxious feelings or fears they may have
  • Help your child to build their confidence. For example, make sure they know that it is ok to ask to go to the toilet at school
  • If you are feeling worried, make sure you have someone to talk to so that your children don’t pick up on any negative feelings – and remind yourself that it is perfectly normal to have a bit of the jitters yourself
  • Encourage them to be thoughtful about other children’s feelings and remember to take turns and share
  • If you sense your child will feel clingy and not want to leave you in fear they will miss out, let them know what you have planned for the day – the duller the better
  • Get storybooks from the library about starting school and read them to your child. In the week before they start school, get your child used to the times they will need to get up in the mornings and go to bed
  • Try to go to as many of the meetings before and after your child starts at the school, as you can. If you can’t attend, give the school a call and ask for the information to be sent to you

School uniform


Top tip: go for uniforms that are simple, i.e. easy to pull on trousers, elasticated skirts, avoid button downs and opt for velcro-fastening shoes.

When it comes to labelling clothing, ask your child to choose a special symbol that is a unique mark - perhaps a smiley face or a star - to help them recognise their things at a glance in those fraught early weeks when everyone's items may look identical.

Lastly, you’ll need to think about buying the first pair of school shoes. Give yourself plenty of time to buy these, as you’ll likely need to pop in store to get your child’s feet measured.


You can find more information on on our uniform page here.

BBC Bitesize have a fun game to play with your child when preparing to start primary school. Help your child to create their character and pick a school jumper, then explore the school and find all the different activities to play.